6 Ways To Still Have Fun When A Fancy Event Goes Very, Very Wrong

Courtesy of Jane Kratochvil/Diner en Blanc International/Amanda Fama

When it comes to fancy dinners, Dîner en Blanc definitely takes home the gold. The annual picnic — which is hosted by various cities across the globe — requires that guests meet at a secret location with their own food and drinks while wearing an all-white outfit (more about that later, though). As you could imagine, attendees spend months preparing for the chic event and cross their fingers for good weather. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't cooperating this year, because Dîner en Blanc 2019 in New York City got rained out. It was still a blast, though, even though rainstorms and white clothing don't exactly mix.

As expected, everyone wore their all-white outfits to this year's Dîner en Blanc, and that's how it's always been. FYI, the tradition started in Paris almost 30 years ago when François Pasquier and his friends wore white to an event so they could find each other amongst the crowd (I'm assuming it wasn't pouring on that very day). Anyway, the tradition stuck, and Dîner en Blanc expanded.

This year's event, which was held in Rockefeller Park in Manhattan, began under an overcast sky. When I arrived, the rain held off for about an hour or so. But soon enough, the skies opened up and poured buckets and buckets of water onto the picnic-goers. The rain was fun (and pretty refreshing), until the entire event was canceled due to a massive storm. At the first clash of thunder, everyone was told to leave the site.

Courtesy of Konrad Brattke/Diner en Blanc International

The New York Dîner en Blanc organizers provided at statement about the cancelation to Elite Daily, which states,

Dîner en Blanc is a rain or shine event. Organizers always monitor weather forecasts in each city, and given the possibility of inclement weather in New York [on July 17], we recommended that our guests bring umbrellas and be prepared for some rain, which they did. Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms and lighting in the vicinity, and the event was shut down for safety and security purposes. Our guests packed up and left in an orderly fashion, and we look forward to hosting future editions of Dîner en Blanc in NY.

Safety first, right?

Before the thunderstorm came rolling through, attendees kept the party going in the rain. After experiencing the wet AF event, I compiled a few tips that'll help you have fun when a fancy event like this goes wrong.

Break out your umbrella
Courtesy of Konrad Brattke/Diner en Blanc International

I know, I know, carrying an umbrella in your bag is kind of a hassle. However, if there's the *slightest* chance of rain in the forecast, you should totally bring one. You can also pack a poncho, which is a lighter option that you can fold up and throw in your bag. Either way, you'll want to stay dry and warm if it downpours.

Change into comfy shoes

If you're going to wear heels to a fancy event, it's always smart to bring an extra pair of flats along. This is especially important if you're attending an outdoor gathering in the grass (like this year's Dîner en Blanc). Dancing in the mud is always fun, but it's a bummer when your shoes get stuck. With that being said, put on a pair of flats and head to the outdoor dance floor.

Throw on some waterproof mascara
Courtesy of Amanda Fama

If there's a chance that the outdoor event you're attending will get rained out, you might want to put some waterproof mascara on beforehand. Then, if it does downpour, you won't have to worry about your makeup running into your eyes (because that usually stings). On top of that, you'll avoid getting makeup on your clothes. That's pretty important if you're wearing your new fave dress to the gathering, because you don't want to stain it.

You can buy some top-notch waterproof mascara selections here.

Fill up your cup
Courtesy of Amanda Fama

I don't know about you, but I think that a little bit of rain pairs perfectly with a glass of wine. If your event gets rained on — and you're at least 21 years old — go ahead and fill up your cup. As always, drink responsibly.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

It's obvious that rain is a downer, especially if you're partying outside. Still, it's important to surround yourself with optimistic people that want to make the best of the weather. That way, you'll be able to enjoy the gathering without feeling the need to head somewhere else (unless it's thundering... if that's the case, GTFO of there).

Dance in the rain

In my opinion, there's nothing better than dancing in the rain. If it's downpouring at the next outdoor event you attend, scope out the dance floor and let your guard down. With good music and and even better company, you'll forget about the rain in no time.

Hopefully, Dîner en Blanc 2020 will take place under sunny skies — but if it doesn't, event-goers still have a lot to look forward to. Sandy Safi, a co-founder of Dîner en Blanc International, talked to Elite Daily about the dinner's future.

She says, "We have the people and we have the community, and they all interchange and they connect — but we want to improve on that and take it to another level." Safi continues, "We’re going to be looking for partners to do that with, and that’s our next move.”

If you're someone who frequents at Dîner en Blanc, keep your eyes open for those changes — and cross your fingers for some sun.