Looks Like Melania Trump Made A Major Hair Change & Twitter's Comparing It To Donald Trump

It's not unusual for the First Lady of the United States to make headlines for what she's wearing. But for her beauty choices? That's something new. After watching the FLOTUS in an interview on Fox News yesterday, Twitter was left abuzz with the question, "Did Melania Trump Lighten Her Hair?" Predictably, a barrage of tweets dissecting the new hue ensued, some of which even compared her new look to that of her husband. Leave it to social media to turn new highlights into a nationwide news story.

On Wednesday, Trump visited two Virginia military bases and actually made history as the first-ever FLOTUS to fly in a V-22 Osprey aircraft. But what actually caught the public's attention more was her new, decidedly lighter hair color. Whereas Trump's typical style consists of chocolate roots that gradually fade into honey and amber highlights (pretty gorgeously, might I add), her new look features bright golden blonde highlights starting right at the crown of her head. The color is so different from what we are used to seeing the FLOTUS sport that I'm pretty convinced it wasn't simply the product of bright camera lights. No, Trump was definitely feeling a major makeover for her strands—but she probably didn't expect that it would result in her hair being compared to that of her husband. Famous for its corn yellow color and corn husk texture, Donald Trump's strands aren't necessarily #hairgoals.

Twitter user @JohnBrynt was quick to make the comparison, writing, "I think Melania mixed up her hair dye with Donald."

@OMAHAGEMGIRL also jumped in, writing, "Donald & Melania now have matching hair."

Naturally, Twitter ran with the joke and took it in just about every comedic direction you could think of. One Twitter user, @JimReinhardt6, proposed that the similar color might have been intentional. "Trump needed a new hair donor and Melania stepped up!" he wrote.

Another user, @_loveallthis pointed out that Trump's makeup, too, was looking a little more Donald than usual. "I’m so not over this. It’s like Melania is using Donald’s hair and makeup people. So orange! (Honestly her old hair looked very chic imho)," the user wrote.

Fellow bottle blondes used the opportunity to express their disappointment with Melania's choice of color. "As a fake blonde my ownself, I wd like to defend my people. What Melania did to her hair is more spicy mustard at the Chinese take out place, not blonde," wrote @FakaktaSouth, including a photo of the packaged condiment alongside Trump's new color for easy comparison. I must say, she's not wrong.

In a pointed Tweet that brought Fox News into the joke, @CaseyHinds posted a 54-photo grid of similarly blonde individuals who have all served as anchors for the notoriously Republican network with the caption, "Melania's new hair color reminds me of something... "

Twitter user @KaraCalavera supposed that perhaps the extreme dye-job was intentional, writing "At least we know that Melania's hair stylist is part of the Resistance."

How long until Donald chimes in with a Tweet of his own?