Larsa Pippen Says Travis Scott Accused Her Of Flirting With Him & IDK How To Feel

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It's safe to say Larsa Pippen and the Kardashians are not on good terms right now. When the Kardashian sisters and their former-best friend unfollowed each other on Instagram in late July, the internet went nuts trying to figure out the reason for their apparent fallout. Theories and speculation swirled for quite some time, but now that Pippen took center stage for Hollywood Raw Podcast to explain her side of the story, a clearer picture is appearing. She claimed Kanye West "brainwashed" the Kardashians into not trusting her. Even more shocking, however, was that Larsa Pippen said Travis Scott thought she was flirting with him at a club one time, and she thinks it played a role in her fall from grace in the Kardashian-Jenner circle. (The Kardashians' team did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on Pippen's claims.)

According to Pippen herself, it was mainly Kanye West who influenced Kim Kardashian to split from her former BFF and The Real Housewives of Miami star. He may not have been the only one who fueled the divide, though. She also claimed Travis Scott told Kylie Jenner that Pippen hit on him.

"Travis called Kylie and said that I was hitting on him," Pippen told the hosts of Hollywood Raw Podcast about a night out at the club. She was adamant that the event never occurred, and went as far as to call Scott "delusional" for saying it did.

"That never happened, I came and left with the same people I came with," Pippen continued on the podcast. "He imagined all this sh*t, because it never happened. I would never do that." She also referenced Travis Scott's Billboard Hot 100 no. 1 single, "Highest In The Room," and joked that maybe he was so high he actually believed she was hitting on him at the club.

Scott's call to Jenner, coupled with West's supposed distrust of Pippen, led to Kim Kardashian unfollowing Pippen on Instagram.

Regardless of whether or not Scott actually was the highest in the room, it seems the incident sparked the final match that ignited a pyre of drama for the intimate social circle of reality TV megastars and influencers. As Scott would say, "It's lit!"