3 Reasons Why Hiram Lodge May Have Shot Fred Andrews On 'Riverdale'

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Any fan of Riverdale knows the Season 1 finale had us all shaking. On top of the usual drama — you know, suicides, fires, etc. — Fred Andrews went and got shot in the final moments of the episode, leaving us all to wonder who pulled the trigger. Of course, with the addition of at least three new characters to the show this season, we've got plenty of prime suspects, especially since one of those new characters is Veronica's father, Hiram Lodge. Given Fred's relationship with the Lodges, the biggest question we all have is: Did Hiram Lodge shoot Fred Andrews?

Season 1 of Riverdale exposed a lot of dark connections between the Lodges and the Andrews. Between Hermione and Fred's secret relationship, their romantic past together, and Hiram's "business" interests in Fred's company, it's pretty easy to assume the big, bad Mr. Lodge has a motive to kill Fred. Then again, that almost seems too easy, and we all know how Riverdale loves to throw us off (*cough* Clifford Blossom *cough*). On top of that, would Hiram, a man with an affinity for designer suits, really do the dirty work himself? I'm not so sure I buy it.

The possibility does raise eyebrows, though, and in a town filled with only so many potential murderers, it's too soon to rule Hiram Lodge out entirely.

Looking at Hiram's role on Riverdale, there seems to be three primary motives for him killing Fred.

Fred is (unknowingly) a part of Hiram's shady business dealings

One of the craziest plots of Season 1 dealt with Hermione scheming to get Fred's construction company to take on the Lodge Industries SoDale project after the Twilight Drive-In closed. After forging Veronica's signature to approve Andrews Construction for the project, however, Hermione decided it might not be such a great idea to have Fred and Hiram working together (you know, because Hiram hates Fred after Fred and Hermione's affair). Indeed, she even tried to convince Veronica to convince Archie to convince his father (I know... a lot of convincing here) to sell Andrews Construction before the SoDale project begins.

It's possible, since Fred did not end up selling his business, Hiram has another solution to avoid working with Fred.

Hiram didn't like the idea of Fred and Hermione having an affair

You'll recall early in Season 1 Fred and Hermione Lodge had a brief, turbulent relationship with one another while Hiram was in prison, a relationship that dated back to when they were in high school and that they rekindled after years of not seeing one another. Obviously these two are not over their history as a couple. Now, it might just be me, but that doesn't sound like something Mr. Lodge would just let go.

At one point during the first season, Hiram gets word of his wife's affair while he's in prison and sends several thugs to trash Fred's construction company as a warning. It is possible that he's not done punishing Fred for moving in on his wife, and who knows to what extent he would go to ensure Hermione and Fred's relationship is over. Let's not forget Hermione's ominous words to Fred at one point: "I told you it was in your best interest to get out before Hiram comes back."

Hiram does not want Veronica dating Archie

This is certainly the least likely motive, but it's still worth mentioning. It is possible Veronica's father does not want his daughter involved with the Andrews boy; perhaps he thinks shooting Fred will distract Archie and force him to end things with Veronica while he copes. Or maybe we have another Jason Blossom/Polly Cooper situation on our hands and Hiram can't find a good way to tell Veronica. This is Riverdale, after all, so nothing should surprise you.

Of course, these are all speculative motives. Who knows what the rest of Season 2 will bring and who else might might have reason to kill Fred; if I had to guess, though, I'd say we're in for some serious surprises because nothing is ever as it seems in Riverdale.

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