After Cara Tweeted About Her Breakup, Ashley Set The Record Straight

by Candice Jalili
Bruce Glikas/WireImage/Getty Images

If you're a fan of the effortlessly cool, sex-bench-loving A-List couple, you may be wondering if Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne broke up. ICYMI: On Dec. 9, Delevingne, whose account appeared to have been hacked, concerned fans by tweeting "me and Ashley broke up." Luckily, Benson took to Instagram just a day later on Dec. 10 to put the rumors of a split between her and her supermodel girlfriend to rest for good.

Benson shared the good news about her love life in the Instagram comment section of a carousel of photos she posted on Dec. 10. The post in question was a series of snaps of Benson and two friends out and about in Berlin sans Delevingne. She captioned the images, "I love Christmas. Berlin. Gluhwein."

In response, one user wrote, "Did you break up with Cara?" Celebs with as many followers as Benson (20.2 million followers, to be exact) typically don't just go responding to random commenters willy-nilly, especially when it comes to deeply personal matters like who they're dating and if their relationship has ended. But luckily for fans, Benson decided to entertain this particular question by responding with a succinct, "nope."

Check out the exchange for yourself:

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The fact that Benson and Delevingne not actually broken up shouldn't come as that much of a surprise to people who saw Delevingne's very obviously hacked account that day.

Outside of her now infamous tweet about breaking up with Benson, Delevingne posted one tweet that claimed Benson "gives some good head," another that claimed she thinks she's "turning straight," and one saying that she's "giving away 1000 FREE IPhone 11 Pro's !!" Oh, and my personal favorite? The hacker had her respond to a tweet from Justin Bieber asking how many days away 2020 is by telling him to "get a calendar bro."

Multiple astute fans captured screenshots of Delevingne's obviously hacked account and posted them for all to see:

Here's to hoping Delevingne changes her passwords and that she and Benson continue to be happily in love.