This National Puppy Day Pop-Up Bar Will Have Actual Puppy "Bartenders" Serving Your Brews

Courtesy Of Devils Backbone Brewing Company

National Puppy Day is coming up on Saturday, March 23, and you know what that means — I'll be searching far and wide to fill my day with a few (or a hundred) puppies. And since I, personally, can't turn down the prospect of seeing a few pups (especially if they're all dressed up), there's a good chance I'll find myself at D.C.'s Midlands Beer Garden. Devils Backbone Brewing Company will be there, with "pup-tenders" serving beer all day long to honor the holiday. So if you don't already have plans to go to Devils Backbone Brewing Company's "Pup-Up Bar," you should re-evaluate your life choices. It sounds like the event of a lifetime.

Washington D.C.'s very own Devils Backbone Brewing Company will be hosting the country's very first Pup-Up Bar at Midlands Beer Garden, per the brewing company, and as you could probably imagine, I am psyched beyond belief. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 23, the regular waitstaff will be overthrown by a group of fur-ocious "Pup-Tenders," who will be fetching beers right from the bar and bringing them straight to your table with their "Pup-Backs," aka vests that hold the beer, according to the brand. I know, it sounds absolutely adorable, and the mere concept of it all is kind of blowing my mind right now.

Oh, and if you like big mutts and you cannot lie, you'll be happy to know that City Dogs Rescue will be at this gloriously wholesome event with a handful of adoptable doggos, according to the brand. If you aren't in a position to adopt a dog at the moment, though, no worries — a portion of the proceeds from event will go straight to the non-profit. If you somehow couldn't tell, I'm dog-gone excited.

Courtesy Of Devils Backbone Brewing Company

OK for real, though — how cute is this little guy wearing the teeny tiny vest filled with beer? If this doesn't end up being my pup-tender I will be royally disappointed, y'all.

This also celebrates the brewery's Adventure Dogs contest. According to the brand, five lucky winners will have their dogs illustrated onto cans of Devils Backbone's Gold Leaf Lager. The contest opened as of Feb. 25, and at this point, they've received over 5,000 entries. You can submit a photo of your dog through March 22, and the voting period will last from March 23 to April 5. The new cans will be on the market this summer, after the winner is announced. Then, a portion of the special Gold Leaf cans will also benefit City Dogs Rescue. So even if you can't make it to the pup-up bar, you still have the opportunity to get in on the fun. Fingers crossed that my family's pups will win the highly honorable prize.

Courtesy Of Devils Backbone Brewing Company

In my opinion, National Puppy Day is one of the single most important days of the year, so I was excited about it from the start. But the fact that Devils Backbone Brewery will actually be hosting a pup-up bar with pup-tenders is seriously getting me hyped. I'd better see you there, guys — it's the leashed you could do for the sake of pup-manity.