These Workout Moves From Demi Lovato Are So Simple & Yet So Effective

by Georgina Berbari
Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi Lovato is basically as real as it gets when it comes to celebrity role models. I can only imagine that, when you're constantly in the spotlight, there's probably loads of pressure placed on physical appearance. But this pop star reminds us all what truly loving yourself means, regardless of society's BS expectations. Not only does she love exercising whenever she has the time to make her body feel amazing from head to toe, but Demi Lovato's workout routine is actually super doable when you break it down. So if you're looking for new movement to add to your own routine, you better take some notes.

Lovato has been refreshingly open and candid about her struggles with battling an eating disorder, self-harm, addiction, and even her bipolar disorder diagnosis. In 2011, she checked herself into rehab and embarked on the lifelong process of healing herself, both mentally and physically.

Part of what's helped Lovato so much throughout her recovery is her ability to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and moving her body in ways that make her feel powerful and strong. According to PopSugar Fitness, Lovato credits her active lifestyle for helping her feel truly confident in her own skin and embracing her body's natural, beautiful curves. Hey, if this badass singer can squeeze in some burpee sets while she's killin' it on tour to become the strongest version of herself, I want a dose of those feel-good endorphins ASAP.

Try these six simple moves that Lovato swears by to make herself feel fierce, happy, and wildly confident from head to toe.

Crunches For Strong Stability

I won't lie, crunches can be kind of meh for a workout, but these movements don't just focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles; they also improve your posture, prevent lower back pain, and help with functional everyday activities that require your core to be engaged. When you think about it that way, it's no wonder why Lovato includes crunches in her daily workout routine — straightforward, classic, and effective AF. I dig it.

Burpees For Explosive Energy
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Ah, the exercise that everyone loves to hate. Lovato regularly includes this explosive workout in her routine, and if you're not familiar with it, it's basically a cross between a plank and a push-up. This bad boy challenges your entire body, and you'll probably find yourself dripping in sweat after just a few reps.

Seriously Demi, teach me your ways. I don't think there's ever going to come a day when I can confidently say I enjoy burpees.

Lunge-Kick Combo For A Challenging Twist
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This twist on a typical lunge will totally break you out of your casually boring workout rut and bring some playfulness into an otherwise monotonous fitness routine.

You can try these with a dumbbell if you have one, or feel the burn without any equipment at all — your call, girl.

Curtsy With A Side Kick For A Badass Sense Of Grace
John Garey on YouTube

TBH, I feel like some kind of graceful ballerina or a low-key royal badass when I'm pumping out a few reps of these curtsy squats. Anyone else with me on that one?

Now I guess I just need to trade in my Lulus for a tutu. It's only right.

Wood-Chop Squat For Letting Out Aggression
Kai Simon on YouTube

You'll most likely need a dumbbell for these wood-chop squats, but you can really use any weighted, sturdy, household object if you don't have actual weights at home (overpriced college textbooks, perhaps?).

Honestly, this is my favorite workout from Demi Lovato's whole routine because it lets me get out all of my aggression, and I feel powerful as hell while I'm doing it. I highly recommend blasting "Really Don't Care" while you're powering through a couple of these bad boys. Seriously, just do it, don't question me on this one.

Plank Walk Push-Up For Subtle Strength
Indigo Fitness on YouTube

Finish off your Lovato-inspired workout with some plank walk push-ups. This move is pretty challenging for your arms and core, but you'll feel so freaking powerful after you've completed just a few of these moves.

This workout will leave you feeling like the capable and incredibly strong goddess that you truly are, without a single apology. As Lovato says... "Sorry Not Sorry."