Demi Lovato Gave Hannah A Warning About Luke After Watching 'The Bachelorette'

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | YouTube

Demi Lovato may not be a longtime fan on The Bachelorette, but she sure is invested in what’s going to happen to the people on the show. The 26-year-old singer tuned in to the show for the first time on Monday, May 20, and immediately started sharing all her thoughts about it on social media. More specifically, she was very iffy about Luke Parker, and really wanted Hannah Brown to know about it! Demi Lovato’s warning to Hannah B. about Luke is basically what everyone’s already thinking.

“I’ve never watched The Bachelorette or The Bachelor but she is soooo cute!!” Lovato wrote in her Instagram Stories. The caption was shared with some footage of Hannah B. from the show.

Later, she warned Hannah against trusting Luke, who’d been trying extra hard to woo the bachelorette.

“Hannah, honey, do not trust him!!!!!!” Lovato wrote in another Instagram Story, later adding, “I’m uncomfortable. I’m cringing.”

Lovato was apparently reacting to Luke’s confession that he was falling in love with Hannah even though he’d only met her 48 hours prior. Yikes.

“Hannah, I know that the Mr. Right for you is a man that’s going to love you fiercely,” he told her during a pageant group date. “I can’t believe I’m saying this right now, this is so crazy because it’s so soon, but I can’t hide it. Hannah, I’m genuinely starting to fall in love with you.”

I guess Lovato just didn’t buy it, but she’s not alone. Plenty of folks seemed to think Luke was being a tiny bit creepy.

You can see Lovato’s reaction to Hannah B. and Luke’s conversation below:

So, who’s Lovato’s pick for Hannah instead of Luke? Mike Johnson from San Antonio, Texas, who apparently confronted Luke about his cringe-tastic love declaration.

“He should win,” Lovato said at one point during her Instagram Stories before adding, “I like Hannah just as much as you do, and I don’t want her emotions to be rattled because of something that may or may not be factual.”

It seems like Lovato’s words of advice for Hannah may actually come into play during the next episode. In a teaser for an upcoming episode, Hannah can be seen telling Luke, “You’re cocky, and I don’t like that.” Those strong words came after Luke complained that he was “tired” of waiting to talk to Hannah.

At another point during the teaser, Hannah puts yet another guy in his place.

“You don’t own me,” Hannah says to the guy, whose identity is unknown at this point. “You don’t get to decide what I can and can’t do, because first of all you’re not my husband and even my husband, the person I’m going to be with is going to allow me to be my own person.”

Wow. All of that might seem super dramatic, but it definitely sounds like Hannah knows how to stick up for herself! I’m sure that’s a quality that appeals to Lovato as well.

Speaking of Lovato, Hannah got wind that she thinks she’s cute and basically imploded. Here’s what she said on social media about it:

Too cute!