Demi Lovato & Max Ehrich’s Astrological Compatibility Is So Sweet

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If you were hoping to shoot your shot with Demi Lovato, you might be too late — at least, if the reports she's dating actor Max Ehrich are true. The buzz around the could-be couple began — as all great modern love stories do — with some seriously flirty interactions on Instagram. But the speculation might have been put to rest with Lovato's surprise (and accidental) appearance on Ehrich's recent Instagram Live session. Reps for both Lovato and Ehrich have yet to confirm the romance, but for now, consider Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s astrological compatibility an inside look into what their reported relationship dynamic might be like.

Lovato was born Aug. 20, 1992, under the sign of Leo, and Ehrich’s birthday is June 24, 1991, which makes him a Cancer. These two signs go together like the sun and the moon, which just so happen to be their ruling heavenly bodies, respectively. Like the sun, Leo shines and radiates warmth, while Cancer, like the moon, reflects that energy and lights up in Leo’s presence. It's not always an easy pairing, but something magical happens when these two signs meet and fall in love. Here’s what else we can surmise about Lovato and Ehrich’s compatibility based on their zodiac signs.

Leo’s Loyalty Puts Cancer’s Cautious Heart At Ease.

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Cancer is notoriously shy in opening up to new people. This water sign is very connected to their emotions, and when their guard is down, they can be easily wounded. For them, trust has to come before love. Fortunately, warm-hearted and emotionally generous Leo is just the sign to help Cancer tear down their walls. There’s something so kind and pure about Leo’s affection that even Cancer can’t help but open up their heart. And when they do, Leo rewards them with total loyalty.

Their Greatest Struggle Is A Clash Of Egos.

Leo and Cancer get into trouble when their egos clash. They're both powerful personalities, and tend to fall into the leading role in their relationships. While Leo's dominance comes off as more obvious, Cancer has a quiet kind of strength, and pulls the strings in more subtle ways. They're both alphas by nature. To reach a compromise, each partner has to take turns being in the driver's seat. Communication is going to make or break the relationship.

Family Is Everything To These Signs.

While Cancer and Leo may have different viewpoints about a lot of things, they both have infinite amounts of love for their families. Whether it's the family they were born into, their chosen family, or the family they hope to create one day, they both have a strong appreciation for their loved ones. Cancer loves to surround themselves with the people who love and understand them, and Leo has unlimited loyalty and unbreakable bonds to the people in their personal pride.

Their Sexual Chemistry Is Grounded In Emotion.

Both Leo and Cancer are capable of having passionate sexual relationships built on raw, physical chemistry, but the connection between them is grounded in emotion. That comes easily for Cancer, because for them, everything starts with the heart. But it can take Leo a little longer to find the emotional spark that turns into desire. When it happens (and quickly enough that Cancer doesn't get their feelings hurt and shut down) they can have an incredible connection. The result is the very definition of love-making.

There may be easier pairings in the zodiac, where the signs just fit together like they were made for one another, but there’s something unique and special about a Leo-Cancer couple when it's the right two people. They can open up and be more emotionally intimate with each other than they can with almost anyone else. In other words, if you’re ready to stan the rumored romance between Lovato and Ehrich, then good news: The stars are on their side.