Del Taco Is Offering Free Mini Floats On July 24 For National Drive-Thru Day

Courtesy Of Del Taco

When you think of Del Taco, I'm sure a number of the chain's classic staples come to mind: Beer-Battered Fish Tacos, sugary Cinnamon Churros, or the Epic Cali-Steak are just a few Del Taco classics. However, the chain will be offering several items on the cheap in honor of its 55 Days of Deals. So, if you haven't already gotten in on Del Taco's 55 Days of Deals, it includes free Mini Floats in honor of National Drive-Thru Day. And IDK about you, but I am seriously excited to try them.

On Wednesday, July 24, Del Taco introduced a sweet new item known as the Mini Float. According to a press release from the brand, the Mini Float combines Del Taco's OG Vanilla Shake with a choice of Cherry Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punch, Coca-Cola, or Fanta Orange.

Normally, these babies will cost you $1 each, however, in honor of National Drive-Thru Day on July 24 (and to celebrate Del Taco's 55 Days of Deals), restaurant locations nationwide is offering them for free along with any purchase. Just make sure to present the Del Taco 55 Days of Deals coupon at checkout, which you can find in the chain's app.

Courtesy Of Del Taco

In the press release, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer Barry Westrum said Del Taco Mini Floats give customers a fun new way to stay cool during the heat of the summer. However, Westrum is most excited about the 12 different $1 beverages, including Mini Floats, which includes a wide range of sips customers are bound to love. Plus, the Mini Floats will be available for free in the Del App on July 24.

According to the press release, Westrum said:

With Mini Floats, we’re thrilled to give our guests another uniquely Del Taco way to beat the heat this summer. Classic floats are synonymous with summertime, and we’re thrilled to now offer 12 different dollar beverages, including these new, fun and timely drinks.

Del Taco's 55 Days of Deals celebrate the chain's 55 years of success, according to the press release, with a total of 580 locations nationwide. The six weeks of deals officially started on July 23, and you can find all of them in the Del App. They offer specials such as BOGO Beyond Tacos (which are completely plant-based!), free orders of the brand's classic Crinkle Cut Fries, and — wait for it — 99-cent Cheesy Quesadillas. So it basically goes without saying I'm downloading the app as we speak. I definitely won't be missing out on any of these.

Courtesy Of Del Taco

Between Del Taco's new $1 Mini Floats, its free Mini Float in honor of National Drive-Thru Day, and — most importantly — its 55 Days of Deals, it pretty much goes without saying a trip to Del Taco is in order. There is absolutely no way I'll be missing out on any of these, and I know for a fact there's a free Beyond Taco with my name on it. Happy National Drive-Thru Day, y'all — make sure to use your turn signal, and celebrate the right way.