These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But Things Are Looking Up For New Year's Eve

When the week begins on Christmas Eve, you know you're being launched straight into all the holiday madness. Even if you're totally looking forward to all the festivities, you can't deny that with how hectic it all is, it might not always feel like the most wonderful time of the year, which reminds me: As of December 24, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces. Don't forget that if any of the following fall under your rising sign, you'll probably experience all the same astrological effects.

However, just because I'm saying that the holidays might have you feeling more overwhelmed than usual doesn't mean that you won't be able to enjoy yourself. In fact, undergoing somewhat stressful transits during this time could make the holidays even more meaningful and transformative. It's oftentimes the difficult parts of life that push you to become the best possible person you can be. With Capricorn season fully underway, you'll feel karma's motivation all the more deeply, asking you to look back on all the choices you've made and decide once and for all that you'll make better ones. Allow the holidays to be a moment of realization.

Gemini: The Holidays Might Feel Pretty Stressful For You

Although you're probably as enthusiastic about the holiday season as can be, this has the capacity to be a pretty intense time of year for you. Why? When the sun enters Capricorn, it also enters your eighth house of death and rebirth. While the eighth house is a very intimate house, bringing you close to your loved ones and closer to your deepest self, it also signifies endings and beginnings. Whether something literally comes to an end in your life or you're forced to end something within yourself, moving on isn't always easy.

With your ruling planet, Mercury, also forming a square with hazy and illusive Neptune, you might not be processing information correctly or speaking to the best of your ability. Take care to stay in reality as much as you can. Not all your worries are true.

Aquarius: You Might Be In A Strange State Of Mind

Once Capricorn season begins, the sun enters your 12th house of spirituality. This is considered one of the most difficult houses to have activated, however, it's so meaningful and worth it.

With the sun in your 12th house, you're learning truths that have long been lying dormant within yourself. Remember that your intuition knows everything that your conscious mind doesn't. During this period of time, your intuition is especially sharp, your dreams so much more vivid, and your connection with the spirit world is very strong. However magical this is capable of being, it can also throw you for a loop. Sometimes there are things you may not want to realize, and yet, you'll have no choice but to recognize what you already know.

Pisces: You May Not Be Seeing Everything Clearly

As of this week, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will form a tense square with Neptune, your ruling planet. The past few weeks have been emotionally intense for you as it is, with Chiron — the wounded healer — stationing direct in your first house of the self. If you've been healing from trauma and coming out of a dark time, the transits this week might feel like an unfair dose of confusion.

Since Mercury rules over the mind and Neptune rules over illusions, this transit has the power to distort your thinking. You could land yourself into a spiral of negative thoughts if your not careful, and it's equally as possible that you won't see a bad situation for what it is. Make sure you find ways to stay grounded.