'Dawson's Creek' cast

'Dawson's Creek' Is Coming To Netflix In November, But There's A Catch

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Fans of teen dramas are officially in for a treat come November. If you've been craving some coming-of-age nostalgia and late '90s fashion, you're in luck, because Dawson's Creek is officially coming to Netflix. But because this is 2020, there's a catch. While the full six-season series will be hitting the streamer, fans will notice something pretty important is missing from the classic show.

On Oct. 19, Netflix tweeted that the fan-favorite series would be available to U.S. viewers starting Nov. 1, 2020. While this is great news for anyone who loves (and by "loves," I mean "grew up crushing on") Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen, the downside is that the iconic theme song will be missing from the episodes. While there's still plenty to love about the series, theme songs in '90s and early 2000s shows were a huge part of setting the vibe, and Dawson's Creek's theme was no exception.

The song, called "I Don't Want To Wait," was written and performed by Paula Cole, and it's a freaking classic. Since the show first aired in 1998, the bop quickly gained commercial recognition and became a feel-good anthem for teens everywhere. Just try to listen to it without being flooded with memories of high school exes, first loves, car make-outs, and adolescent angst.

Naturally, fans were less than pleased about the fact that the series would stream without Cole's crooning. While viewers wait to see what it's like to watch Dawson's Creek without the theme song putting them ~in the mood,~ they took to Twitter to voice their outrage at Netflix.

While fans have a lot of anger toward Netflix (and after the streamer canceled so many beloved shows recently, I get it), Sony's actually the reason for the missing theme song. In 2018, Cole told Huffpost the song controversy dates back when the show's DVD set was first released. According to the artist, an executive wanted to save money, so instead of obtaining a new license for "I Don't Want To Wait," they powers-that-be decided to buy a new theme song. They went with Jann Arden's "Run Like Mad," which was considerably cheaper.

While viewers won't get to jam out to Cole's famous song before diving into the familiar world of Dawson's Creek, at least they don't have to wait too much longer for the quintessential teen series to make its way to Netflix.