David Came Back To The 'Bachelorette' Mansion & Twitter Is So Relieved To See Him


After falling off his bunk bed in the Bachelor mansion and badly hitting his face, Bachelorette contestant David Ravitz returned to the competition during a cocktail party that already saw the early, voluntary departure of an injured Clay Harbor. As we all saw in Episode 4's tease last week, ABC pixelated David's face during his arrival, but seeing as the network loves dramatics, a scarred David returned to The Bachelorette and Twitter is loving it.

Although last week's episode hinted that male model Jordan, David's Bachelorette enemy, had called a truce by "David-proofing" the injured contestant's bunk bed, David returning to Bachelor Mansion proved differently. While ABC's edits once implied that Jordan was the one behind David's injuries, he was really just an innocent bystander, but that didn't stop him from offering his opinion on David's healing face.

I'm under the impression that Jordan is half robot because his face never really moves, plus that may explain why David's face injury astonished him so much. Despite ABC pixellating David's face in previews for dramatic effect, his battle wounds weren't that horrific. Apart from some swelling on one side of his face and a bruise, David didn't look too different. Well, seeing as Jordan's face is his money, it makes sense that a few bruises would qualify as a "time warp" to him.

David returning to the house in the middle of an already dramatic cocktail party certainly alleviated the mood, but now that Jordan has his favorite target back, that peace probably won't last. Do I smell a two-on-one date approaching?


Now with a rose fresh from Clay's lapel rewarded to him, David earned himself another week in the competition, but Twitter is just happy he's OK and that he's ready for more sparring with Jordan. I mean, there isn't much else keeping us entertained this season, TBH.

The love for David isn't universal, though. Like myself, many members of Bachelor Nation spent a good majority of college in a bunk bed without having any injuries. So many mutual experiences make it a little difficult to take David's fall from his bed seriously. You never did your time in a dorm room bunk, David?

Others are totally over the drama between David and Jordan, which is usually a sign that the a two-on-one date between the season "villain" and their top enemy is coming up. We may be tired of these two together, but Twitter can't help but comment on their feuds.

Once he earned his pity rose (when has a severely injured guy not gotten a special rose afterwards?), David was excused to rest on his new bottom bunk, so we were spared from any more major interactions with Jordan. He may be on the mend as the competition continues, but I don't think that will stop him from trying to mess with Jordan. He's yet to have a conversation with Becca that doesn't involve the easy Bachelorette excuse of going on a journey, but David at least has that fiery eye contact with Jordan going for him.

For now, the two men are still stuck together, but maybe now that they're out of the mansion, the potential threat of attacking each other via bunk beds is no longer. Bachelorette fans on Twitter may have mixed thoughts about David, but if the only other onscreen dream we get this year is Lincoln saying that the earth is flat, I'll take what I can get. It's safe to say that when it comes to real-life Bachelorette drama, we already have plenty of issues to face this season.

The Bachelorette returns on Monday, June 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.