Darren Barnet has Season 2 theories for 'Never Have I Ever'

'Never Have I Ever' Star Darren Barnet Has A Big Theory About Paxton & Devi


Still thinking about that Never Have I Ever ending? You're not the only one. Darren Barnet, the actor who plays high school jock and Devi's crush Paxton, has also been pondering the show — specifically, what could happen to the characters in future episodes. While there are a lot of "what ifs" on the horizon for the series, Darren Barnet's Never Have I Ever Season 2 theories indicate he's hopeful about his character's future.

Although a second season of Never Have I Ever has yet to be confirmed, it looks pretty promising. Lang Fisher, who co-created the series with Mindy Kaling, told Entertainment Tonight she is “optimistic” Netflix will order more episodes of the series. Barnet is also hopeful a Season 2 could be on its way, and he has some ideas for how things could end up for his character, Paxton Hall-Yoshida.

Warning: Spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 1 follow. ICYMI, Paxton ended up in something of a love triangle situation with Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and his classmate Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) at the end of Season 1. While fans watched Devi pine after Paxton throughout the season, it wasn't until the end of the series that Paxton realized he might actually be into Devi, too. "I think [Paxton] is realizing, you know, or at least understanding that there is some type of intrigue there," Barnet tells Elite Daily. "He does care about her, you know, whether it be as a friend or more. He has this connection with her."


Barnet thinks the dynamic between Devi and Paxton could look much different in a second season. "I think it would be interesting to see kind of a role-reversal in Season 2. Meaning, she's been pining after Paxton for the entire season and he's just coming to terms with the fact that maybe he likes her," he speculates. "So maybe Season 2, he's too late. You know, maybe she has something going on with Ben now."

Despite Ben and Devi's sparks at the end of Season 1, Barnet thinks there may still be hope for Paxton to end up with the leading lady. "I'm trying to figure out if Devi has really does have feelings for Ben ... or just the idea of him, you know, this whole like, 'Wow, we've always been enemies and now we're now we're going to fall in love.'"


If Devi does end up having feelings for Ben, Barnet has an interesting idea for how they could settle a duel for Devi's heart. "I would love for Ben to try out for the swim team and try and compete with me or something," he says. "We'd have that whole rivalry. I think that'd be really funny."

Of course, if Devi's family moves to India, like it seemed they would at the end of Season 1, that could shake things up for everyone. "I think that could be a really interesting part of the season, or maybe a dream sequence," he ponders. "What if, like, Paxton came to India to find Devi? I think that could be really cool if they did that."

How everything will play out remains to be seen. For now, fans will just have to imagine all the possibilities for Paxton, Devi, and the rest of the characters — just like Barnet is doing.