Dairy Queen's Valentine's Day treats feature a red velvet cake.

DQ's Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Cake Made With A Red Velvet Blizzard Is The Ultimate Bite

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Forget the chocolates, because Valentine's Day is all about the ice cream at Dairy Queen. If you're looking for sweet treats to kick off the holiday, you'll want to check out DQ's special offerings. The new and returning favorites include Dairy Queen's Valentine's Day 2021 Blizzard and a new cake, which both feature some major red velvet flavor.

Dairy Queen dropped its new and returning holiday favorites on Jan. 25 at participating locations nationwide, and you're gonna want to try both. The brand's new V-Day offering for 2021, the Red Velvet Cupid Cake, is a shareable treat that's perfectly sized for two to four people. You'll certainly impress your Valentine with this heart-shaped cake, which features a base layer of DQ vanilla soft serve, a center of red velvet cake pieces and cream cheese icing, and a top layer of Red Velvet Cake Blizzard Treat. Yes, there's a Blizzard inside the ice cream cake, and it's everything you didn't know you needed.

For anyone who prefers an old classic, Red Velvet Cake Blizzard Treat, which debuted for Valentine's Day in 2014, is back as the brand's February Blizzard of the Month. The chilly treat comes filled with red velvet cake pieces, cream cheese icing, and DQ vanilla soft serve. You can grab a Red Velvet Cake Blizzard Treat through Feb. 21, and a small size will cost you $3.99, depending on the location.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday around the corner, DQ is ready to satisfy your minty St. Patrick's Day cravings as well. The Mint Chip Shake and Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat returned on Jan. 25, and they both feature crème de menthe and DQ vanilla soft serve, with the shake getting the addition of chocolate chips.

There are plenty of treats for all your winter (and spring!) cravings at DQ, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you'll want to order ahead on the Dairy Queen mobile app. When heading to Dairy Queen, make sure to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)as of Dec. 31. They include washing and sanitizing your hands, wearing a face mask, and maintaining distance from other people.

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