Cutest Sorority Gifts On Etsy For Your Little That Won't Break The Bank

Sorority season is here, and now that recruitment is a thing of the past, Big/Little Week is near. You likely remember the moment you found out who your Big was, and couldn't control your excitement when she presented you with an adorable gift basket and welcomed you to the fam. Now, you want to do the same for your Little. If you've spent your extra cash on outfits for recruitment, don't fret. Luckily, there are some of the cutest sorority gifts on Etsy that are totally affordable.

Just like you can always rely on your sisters to be there for you, Etsy is always there with pretty much anything you're looking for. You're just a simple search away from the perfect present that your Little sis will adore forever. Also, if you're totally blanking on ideas, Etsy's got you covered with their sorority trend guide that includes matching gifts for you and your Little, affordable decor for her dorm room, Greek family jewelry, and cozy finds for a stress-free freshman year. The best part is Etsy is all about customization, so your Little will feel extra special with the personal touches you can add on to some of these gifts.

You want to be the best Big you can be, but between classes, extracurriculars, and Greek life events, your planner is jam-packed. So, let me help you out by recommending these eight sorority gifts from Etsy that are $25 and under.

1These Colorful Big And Little Tees Are Truly Magical

Magical Fam Big Little Tees


How sweet are these matching sorority shirts? You love your sis like family, and can't wait to show off that pride by twinning in the cutest sorority swag. Also, these colorful tees give off some serious unicorn vibes, which is always a win.

2These Dad Hats Will Look Super Cute At Your Greek Life Events

Big and Little Sorority Hats


Not only are matching shirts on trend, but with Etsy, you can get matching pretty much anything. That means you can get in on the dad hat fad with Big and Little embroidered baseball caps. The fun doesn't stop there. These hats also come in array of colors to choose from, so you can get your sorority's color, or go with your Little's personal fave.

3Her Dorm Room Will Be Blooming With This Floral Print

Little Sister Printable


Let's be honest: Dorm rooms aren't always as glamorous as they're portrayed to be in the movies. The silver lining is that you get to tap into your creativity and decorate your space to your liking. Help your Little get her room up to Insta-worthy status with a cute print like this floral one that says, "Little Sister."

4Show That You're Sisters For Life With These Matching Necklaces

Big Little Sorority Sisters Birthstone Necklaces


One of the things best friends are known for are BFF necklaces. You already know that you and your Little will not only besties, but sisters for life, so these sorority sis necklaces are a perfect gift idea. Take the extra step in the customization department but getting your Little's birthstone.

5Promise To Always Be There With These Big/Little Rings

Big Little Sister Rings


Etsy not only has seen an increase in the number of matching jewelry searches, but people are also jumping on the custom jewelry train. Now's the prime time to on board as well! You promise to always have your Little's back, so these Big and Little rings just make sense. They're adjustable and perfect for stacking, so your sis can wear her ring with all of her favorite bling.

6Treat Your Little To Some Relaxation With This Lavender Eye Pillow

Relaxation Eye Pillow


You remember freshman year, right? You were balancing your classes and clubs, meeting new people, and getting adjusted to Greek life. You had a lot on your plate, and you want to help your Little get through it all by reminding her to to treat herself. With this lavender eye pillow, her naps between classes will feel so rejuvenating — and the lavender scent is a nice bonus.

7This Velvet Pillow Will Help Your Sis Get Cozy In Her New Home

Velvet Turquoise Round Soft Pillow


Calling all of my fellow velvet lovers! You'll adore this round velvet pillow. Not only is it cute AF for your Little to accessorize her bedding, but it'll also help her get cozy in her new home away from home.

8This Zodiac Sign Print Will Shine Bright In Your Sister's Dorm

Pink Zodiac Sign Print


If your Little loves all things related to her zodiac sign, this pink print is such a thoughtful gift. A simple print can really go a long way with your Little, because she can use it to transform her new dorm room from drab to fab.