Cute Patriots Apparel For Women Who Want To Represent & Eat Hot Wings

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Public service announcement: Women can look cute while watching football, and still scream their heads off when defense is struggling. One does not equal lack of knowledge of the other, and that's why I put together a list of cute Patriots apparel for women. Football isn't just for the boys, ladies. Come Super Bowl weekend, you deserve to look major while digging into a plate of hot wings (or buffalo cauliflower wings for the vegans out there!).

My team didn't go far this year (#obvi bitter), but I still want to make sure the passionate Pats fans can dress the part. Whether it's designed by men or not, female sports apparel can have such an awkward shape, or just look plain awful. Roger Goodell, you totally need to contact the apparel design team stat and fix this atrocity by next season.

Although my family is from the South, I was raised in New York and went to college in Connecticut, so I know all about the Patriots fandom. Some may argue that a true diehard fan is worried less about attire, and more concerned about Rob Gronkowski's Super Bowl status, but I totally disagree. Whether people realize it or not, the only thing fans can control is how they look, and not the Eagles offense trying to keep Tom Brady off the field.

I feel like a traitor, but making sure all my ladies look good in their Insta videos shotgunning beers is a top priority for me. It's like girl code to me to ensure you look fly, whether you end up on Barstool Sports or your crush's Snapchat with #wifeymaterial and a ring emoji. Who says you can't look hot and be able to explain one of the Patriots glaring weaknesses?

The Cozy and Cuffed Knit Hat

You might have stolen this knit hat from your boyfriend's collection, but he's not mad because it looks cuter on you anyway. Not only will the knit material keep you warm, but the pattern screams vintage.

The "Even I Could Make The Sideline Cute" Hat

Every time someone pans to the sideline everyone just looks stressed. This hat is so cute, even Belichick might crack a smile. Probably not though, all he's thinking about are trophies.

The "I Saw Olivia Culpo Wearing One On Insta" Hat

If you live in a cold state, you've probably had your mom yell at you to throw on this type of hat. This season though, Olivia Culpo popularized this hat like it was the latest blogger bag. I personally think it's cute and adds a quirky touch to any game day outfit.

The Elle Woods Of Football Hats

You can like pink and football my friends!

The I Need To Stay Warm, But Look Cute Scarf

It's freezing out and the last thing anyone wants to do is tailgate in the cold. I know you'd prefer to roll up in sweats, but throw on your puffiest coat and casually drape this over the top.

The "I've Had This For Years" Henley

I love the distressed look on sports apparel. It makes it look vintage, but you totally spent a grip to find it.

The "I Want To Look Cute, But #HotWings" T-Shirt

Game day food is the best for a hot sauce fiend like me, it's basically my birthday. This shirt is ideal for anyone who plans on indulging, and refuses to wear a tight shirt.

You're The Real MVP Pullover

This is the cutest sweatshirt ever. Whether you're throwing your hands up in anger or excitement, nothing says show your love like wearing it on your sleeve.

Not Your Boyfriend's Lucky Charm Sweater

This is probably my favorite piece ever! You know that sweater that your boyfriend has that you just can't stop wearing? Me neither (#single), but everyone can agree guys have the comfiest clothes ever.

The Number One Fan Sweatshirt

Alyssa Milano totally carved out a niche for female sports fans that want to look cute. Like seriously, how adorable is this sweater?

The Rhinestone Sports Sweatshirt Of Your Dreams

Did you think I would forget the bedazzled apparel? Of course not!

Not Your Dad's College Football Jersey