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Courteney Cox Recreated Monica’s Turkey Dance For Thanksgiving & It’s Everything

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Name a more iconic Thanksgiving duo than Monica (Courteney Cox) from Friends and the turkey that she put on her head. Other than mashed potatoes and stuffing, it's hard to find a pair that even comes close. This memorable moment from "The One with All the Thanksgivings" has become a go-to gif to send this time of year, so you can just imagine how Courteney Cox's video recreating her Friends Thanksgiving turkey dance is everything we needed right now.

It seems as though Cox knows just how iconic this moment has become as well. On Thanksgiving, the actor posted a video to Instagram wishing her followers a "Happy Thanksgiving." In the video, she added that she's "gonna snap" if she gets one more gif of her "with a turkey on [her] head dancing like a f*cking fool." With how many times you've sent the infamous gif, you can just imagine Cox has received it a million times more.

Luckily, she has an amazing sense of humor and knows how to play along. After stating, "Since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go, hope it makes you happy," the video cuts to her dancing with a turkey and sunglasses on her head in the kitchen. It's not just a turkey hat either. She went all out and actually put a real turkey on her head. Monica Geller would be so proud.

Words cannot express how amazing this moment was for Friends fans. There are so many great Friends Thanksgiving episodes that it's become a tradition for a lot of fans to revisit them with their family as they're waiting for their dinner to cook. Though, if we're ranking Friends Thanksgiving moments, this Monica one will always comes out on top.

Cox's post has already received over a million likes and two million views in less than one day. Fellow Friends star Lisa Kudrow even commented on the video saying, "You DID THAT!" Other celebrities like Tan France, Sean Hayes, and Reese Witherspoon also commented with their love of this LOL-worthy video.

The best part of all is that no detail was missed in this recreation. Cox got everything right from the sunglasses on the turkey to the green shirt she's wearing. Even the shimmy is on point. The problem is this moment is so iconic that there are sure to be gifs made to be sent out for years to come.

So, while Cox was trying to end her reign as turkey queen, she may have just made her claim to the title even stronger. Either way, she definitely wins for best celebrity Thanksgiving post of 2020. Sorry to everyone else who played. You just can't be the best, and when it comes to Turkey Day, Monica will always be there for you.