Here Are The Chances That Wanna One Will Ever Get Back Together

by Jamie LeeLo
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's a sad day in K-pop culture when beloved groups disband, but I don't think anyone predicted just how drafty the hole left by the amazing group Wanna One was really going to be. The 11-member boy group recently celebrated (or mourned) their final performance after being together for a year and a half and their followers are still sad. In fact, many are still asking the question: Could Wanna One get back together? Alas, the likelihood is slim to none, but who's to say a miracle can't happen?

The truth is, these boys were never meant to be together forever. In fact, Wanna One was actually formed on the second season of the Korean reality show Produce 101. Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young, and Ha Sung-woon were all performers in some capacity before the show brought them together as Wanna One.

According to Wanna One's agency, Swing Entertainment, their contract expired Dec. 31, 2018. However, the group still had a few performances left on their calendar, which they committed to seeing through. Their final performance took place on Sunday, Jan. 27, about a month past their contract's expiration date.

According to Newsen, Swing Entertainment made the following statement: "We want to thank the 11 members of Wanna One, who have shown everyone the best of themselves for the past year and a half, from August 2017 to now."

Well, fine.

While your average Wannable is out there sadly listening to some of Wanna One's best hits like "Energetic," "I.P.U.," "Boomerang," or "Spring Breeze," another noted K-pop idol is missing the group, too. BTS' Jimin was actually in attendance during Wanna One's final show and has a well-documented close friendship with Sungwoon.

ARMYs were ecstatic to see Jimin in the crowd at Therefore concert. The fact that he was in the audience is also a testament to the Idol community's genuine love and support for one another despite.

To throw salt in the wound, it seems the boys genuinely didn't want to disband. Allkpop translated each member's departing words during their final exit, and their statements were super emotional. For example, Sungwoon just laid it out there explaining that if it were up to them, Wanna One would still be together. He said, "Wannable... the eleven of us really don't want to part ways... I'm really thankful and Wanna One really loved Wannables a lot... and you really worked hard, I'm sorry, and I really love you. Goodbye."

So sad, right?

All of the guys echoed similar sentiments. They all issued some sort of statement explaining their time as a group was the happiest in their lives and that their fans gave them so much.

It's unlikely the band will get back together anytime soon as each individual member spreads their wings as individuals at different agencies, but Bae Jinyoung did offer this bit of hope for the distant future:

Wannable you really worked hard and I really loved you with everything. Please trust in us until the end and please wait for us. We'll really be back soon. Thank you!

It's unclear if Jingyoung meant they'll be back in the public eye soon as individuals, or perhaps further down the line as a group, but one can hope he meant as Wanna One. Fingers crossed, Jinyoung. Your fans would love to see you back with the boys real soon!