Colton Says He & Cassie Want 3 Or 4 Kids Someday, & Eep, So Cute

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Colton Underwood fought for Cassie Randolph's heart on his season of The Bachelor, and it's safe to say it's paying off. The two are in an exclusive relationship, both living in California, and seriously taking the time to get to know each other without the pressure of an engagement. However, none of that's to say they're not planning ahead for their future. Colton Underwood’s quote about having kids with Cassie Randolph shows he's serious about his life with her.

If you'll recall, Colton and Cassie's relationship had a bit of a rocky start. Unlike almost every Bachelor before him, Colton did not end his season with a proposal. Instead, he sent his final two contestants home and showed up at Cassie's door following their own (super sad, super long) breakup. These days, the two still aren't engaged, nor are they even living together. They're actually taking it slow, a concept that Bachelor Nation has never really fully grasped. Nevertheless, Colton recently revealed that the two are just about on the same page when it comes to kids, so clearly they're both very serious about each other.

At MorningStar Farms’ "Lose Your Veginity" event on Aug. 21, Colton told Life&Style magazine that he and Cassie definitely want more than one child. "Right now, we’re between two and three, [and] we’re playing with the three and four," he said. "I think she wants more than me!" He continued, saying "Our values and our morals and who we are as people really align and really go well with each other." I’m very, very excited about our future."

How freakin' cute. I'm so stoked to see the two of them finally on the same page. I had my doubts during the end of Colton's season, when Cassie broke up with him because she wasn't sure she was on the same page. Their painful goodbye was excruciating to watch (as was Colton's dramatic fence jump, #TBT), and after she went home, Colton's future was anyone's guess. He ended up sending both Tayshia and Hannah G. home, and flew to Cassie's doorstep, ready to propose they work on their relationship like two normal people who didn't just meet on national television. Thankfully, she said yes. Their happy ending just goes to show that fighting for what you really want is totally worth it.

Since their time on The Bachelor, the two regularly post adorable snapshots of their lives on Instagram and seem to be enjoying the opportunity to date like a regular couple. Getting engaged after just a couple weeks is pretty high-stakes, so maybe they just needed some time to decide if that's what they really wanted. TBH, it's not too much to ask! And as sweet as Colton's quote about having kids with Cassie is, that doesn't necessarily mean they want to start a family right away. Taking it slow is clearly working, as Cassie went from not being sure she wanted to marry Colton, to now talking about having kids with him. That's exciting, y'all! I, for one, can't wait to see what's in store for them next.