Here’s What Cody Simpson's Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner

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If you find yourself falling in love with Cody Simpson seemingly out of nowhere, don’t worry, you're not alone. It's hard not to catch a little celebrity crush after watching him be a super-boyfriend to Miley Cyrus (not really all that surprising when you realize Cody Simpson's zodiac sign is Capricorn) while the singer was in the hospital for tonsillitis surgery. I mean, he showed up with flowers, his guitar, and a special serenade.

Now that Cyrus is out of the hospital, the sweet couple photos just keep coming. (Including super-hot selfies of the two of them hanging out at home post-surgery, showing off Simpson's six pack, no less.) Yeah, I think it's fair to say Simpson is well on his way to becoming America’s new boyfriend.

All the evidence on social media makes Simpson seems like a dream BF, but I'd like to dig a little deeper into what he’s probably like as a partner by considering his zodiac sign. Simpson was born January 1, which, as I mentioned, makes him a Capricorn. Caps are known for being extremely ambitious and structured in how they approach life and achieve their goals. They also have a huge heart and take love and relationships very seriously. In other words, when you're loved by a Cap, they're all-in. Here’s what else we can surmise about what Simpson is like in a relationship, based on his zodiac sign.

Capricorn Takes Love And Relationships Seriously.

This sign is most well-known for how ambitious and driven they are. Cap has to be the very best at whatever they do, and that includes being a partner. That means this sign pulls out all the stops to impress and be there for the person they love. They shower them with attention and affection and will stop at nothing to make their partner happy. They also take a very traditional view when it comes to relationships. This is a sign that wants to settle down and have a family, so they sometimes tend to rush into serious relationships.

Capricorn Has High Standards For Their Partner As Well.

Caps hold themselves to a super high standard. Ruled by Saturn, the planet associated with structure, law, and ambition, they are very disciplined in their behavior and in crafting their public persona. They also hold the person they love to similarly high standards. They expect them, sometimes unfairly, to be all of the things they expect of themselves. Because Capricorn can be a bit too conscious of their social status, they want a partner who is on their level in terms of intelligence, attractiveness, and drive. For the right person, this can be really motivating and help encourage them to be the best version of themselves. For others, however, this can be discouraging and feel more than a bit controlling.

You Can Always Count On Capricorn To Have Your Back.

When Cap is in a relationship, they take it very seriously. They see themselves and their partner as a true team unit. That means you have their total loyalty and support. When times get tough, Capricorn is the first person to be there holding your hand through it all. This sign is actually very giving and loving, and, as the ultimate earth sign, is comfortable being the bedrock and foundation of the relationship. Their loyalty really has no bounds.

Capricorn Has Secret Wild Streak.
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While Capricorn may be the ultimate earth sign in that they are very grounded, they do have a secret side under all that practicality. Behind the tradition, discipline, and pragmatism, Cap hides a wild side that only a few very special people get to see. This sign is passionate and sensual, but you’ll never know it or get to enjoy it unless you truly have their heart. Once you do, look out — it's passion city.

Loving a Capricorn like Simpson may not be for everyone (which, honestly, could be said of any of the signs) because they can sometimes be a bit rigid, but for the right person (Cyrus perhaps?) this is the kind of all-in, fairytale love you dream of. Yep, consider my celebrity crush fully validated.