OMG, Miley Called Cody Her BF On IG After He Visited Her At The Hospital

by Candice Jalili
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK guys, don't freak out, but Miley Cyrus called Cody Simpson her “BF” in an Instagram Story she posted on Oct. 8. Eeep! This is major. Even though Simpson hasn't referred to Cyrus as his girlfriend just yet, they do seem to be pretty serious about each other, y'all. For now, let's backtrack in case you missed the fact that these two were even dating. (TBH, I wouldn't blame you, it literally just happened.)

According to Entertainment Tonight, Cyrus had to go to the hospital on Tuesday, Oct. 8, because of a bad case of tonsillitis. The pop star has been keeping her followers in the loop on the deets of her hospital stay, posting everything from videos of her mom brushing her hair to her friends sending her flowers. After acknowledging the rest of her squad, Cyrus took some time to give a shoutout to her new man, Simpson.

Cyrus announced Simpson's visit by posting a selfie of herself in her hospital bed alongside the caption, "BF coming to visit me @ the hospy." She paired the caption with a series of black heart emojis.

Obvi this is a huge deal because BF is slang for "boyfriend," meaning Cyrus basically just confirmed Simpson is her, well, boyfriend. He seems to be more than just someone she's rebounding with following her reported split from Kaitlynn Carter. I mean, she called him her boyfriend. And, the sort of boyfriend who comes to visit her at the hospital, at that.

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Obvi the above picture is just of Cyrus alone, but the subsequent pictures on Cyrus' story make it clear that the "BF" she's referring to is none other than Simpson. The next post on her story after the initial one announcing his impending visit was a black and white selfie of Cyrus and Simpson in her hospital bed together. Cyrus is adorably resting her head on his shoulder while Simpson holds onto a guitar.

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Oh, and just when you thought things could not possibly get any better, she posted a video of him freaking serenading her in her hospital bed. She paired the video of him singing what might be the most beautiful song my ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to with the caption, "suddenly I feel much better." She punctuated the caption with a cute blue butterfly at the end.

Wait, did I mention that the song he was singing was written especially for Cyrus? She posted another video of him serenading her with the caption, "this sweeeeeet guy came to visit at the hospital and sang the sweeeeeetest song he wrote just for me." She capped the adorable caption off with a singular black heart.

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

If you're sitting there just dying to hear the full song for yourself, don't worry — Cyrus is working on it. Apparently it's called "Golden Thing" and Cyrus admitted in one of her stories that she was pressuring him to drop it next week, so hang tight.

Whether or not he does listen to his reported lady and drop the song, the key thing here is that now we officially know that Simpson and Cyrus are seeing each other, and he treats her like the queen that she is.

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Here's hoping we all find lovers who visit us in the hospital with roses and guitars.