Coach x Disney Minnie Mouse Collaboration Is Here To Unleash Your Inner Princess


You may have thought that your childhood Disney toys would never be fashionable, but you'd be wrong. Minnie Mouse, an unofficial Disney princess, is en vogue these days — her latest fashion venture is the Coach x Disney Minni Mouse collaboration and it's everything your childhood self wishes it could be.

Coach created a Mickey Mouse collection in 2016 and it charmed the pants off Disney lovers everywhere. But this is 2018 and it's all about girl power. Minnie Mouse, Mickey's long-time bae, is actually quite the fashionista. In years past, Minnie has created accessories with Kate Spade, T-shirts with Uniqlo, and she was a guest of honor at New York Fashion Week in September 2017. Minnie Mouse also just received her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, stars like Katy Perry and Heidi Klum came out to celebrate with her, and Coach designed a custom outfit for her on the historic day. Suffice it to say, people really adore Minnie Mouse.

Coach also clearly loves Ms. Mouse and knows how to turn everyone's favorite Disney rodent into cute, must-have accessories. The collection is available now on the Coach website — but it's selling out faster than you can say, "Tee-hee!"

Minnie Mouse Kisslock Bag

Minnie Mouse Kisslock Bag, $450, Coach

Red leather mouse ears, glittery polka dots, what else could you want in a purse? The price tag may be a bit steep for this one, but there's no harm in at least ogling it through the safety of my computer screen. Oops, did my credit card just fall out of my wallet?

Crossbody Clutch With Minnie Mouse Patches

Crossbody Clutch With Minnie Mouse Patches, $250, Coach

This smaller crossbody bag is inching closer to my budget. It has a colorblock effect with the white front sections, pink zippers, and beige strap. The glittery patches give it even more personality. A coy Minnie Mouse holds up a sign in one of the patches that says, "Want to know a secret?" Is it that you have even more affordable options in this collaboration? I think it might be!

Accordian Card Case With Minnie Mouse

Accordion Card Case With Minnie Mouse, $95, Coach

This accordion style card case is genius. It folds up just as thin as a non-expandable card case, but opens up more easily so you don't have to cut off circulation in your fingers while you dig through your credit cards. And there they go with the multi-color glitter again.

Accordian Card Case With Minnie Mouse

Accordion Card Case With Minnie Mouse, $95, Coach

Another card case option has the same expandable design, but comes in white leather and has multiple charming Minnie-faced patches on it. And a glittery rainbow that only a monster wouldn't want.

Minnie Mouse Secret Patch Bag Charm

Minnie Mouse Secret Patch Bag Charm, $95, Coach

If you don't want to commit to a full-on Disney purse or wallet, a bag charm may be in your future. What is a bag charm? It's a large key chain or pendant for your purse! It's an easy way to dress up your everyday black bag, and make it look like you have more purses than you actually do. Just be aware that this is much larger than a keychain, it's four inches long, so don't make the mistake of ordering a bag charm to use on your key ring. Not like I've ever done that...

Minnie Mouse Smack Patch Bag Charm

Minnie Mouse Smack Patch Bag Charm, $95, Coach

This bag charm is for the more neutral color-lovers out there, black and white is always in style. How cute are Mickey and Minnie?? I can't.

Minnie Mouse Coin Case

Minnie Mouse Coin Case, $75, Coach

My favorite piece in the collection is this mouse-eared coin purse, it comes in red, too! I just can't resist a polka dot, especially a glittery one. I'm already imagining myself saving up change for my coffee fund in this little guy, er, gal.

Minnie, you're the cutest 90 year old mouse I've ever seen!