Your Childhood Crush, Ethan Craft From 'Lizzie McGuire,' Is Now Engaged

by Candice Jalili
Disney Channel

I'm so sorry to all my Lizzie McGuire fans out there, but the actor who played everyone's childhood crush, Ethan Craft — real name: Clayton Snyder — is engaged to actress Allegra Edwards. Snyder announced his Nov. 28 engagement on Instagram on Dec. 2 with pretty much the most adorable post of all time — a carousel of two pictures of them, one from 2009 and one from 2019. In both of the black-and-white images, Snyder lovingly cradles Edwards' head as they touch noses and smile.

Snyder included a special message for Edwards in his caption. "Dear Allegra," he wrote. "Some things never change. Except, a lot changed, and then it got very similar, but very different, but better, and now, your finger’s a bit heavier. And not just because of all the pecan pie. What a Thanksgiving. I love your laugh. I love your heart. I love your family. I love you. Looking forward to wifing you."


Edwards posted the same series of images with her own more condensed caption:

2009/2019 I get to grow older with the love of my life, for the rest of my days. 💍 I adore you Clay. Thankful is an understatement.

Luckily for their fans, the new couple didn't just stop there with their engagement posts. Shortly after announcing the engagement, Snyder posted a longer carousel featuring additional behind-the-scenes photos from the engagement, including a video of his new fiancée sobbing shortly after he popped the question.

"A few more moments... A moment shortly after the ask," Snyder wrote with the images. "A moment when she saw my parents were there too. A moment that evening. A moment the day after in Bodega Bay. A moment shortly after that."

Edwards also posted her own follow-up post, an image of herself hugging Snyder by the fireplace presumably after he popped the question. She simply captioned the post, "11.28.19 He’s my home ❤️"

In conclusion, yes... It's probably time to take down that Ethan Craft poster you carefully clipped out of J-14 and hung on your childhood bedroom wall.