Clay Jensen's email address in '13 Reasons Why' is responding to fan questions.

Fans Are Emailing Clay From '13 Reasons Why' & Someone Is Actually Responding


If you are mourning the end of 13 Reasons Why after finishing the teen drama's final season, why not talk to Clay Jensen himself about how you're feeling? The series finale included Clay revealing his email address, and surprisingly enough, the address actually works in real life. Clay's email address from 13 Reasons Why is responding to fans and providing new details about what's been happening with all the Liberty High students after graduation.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 4 finale of 13 Reasons Why. Like any good high school series, 13 Reasons Why ended things with an emotional, bittersweet graduation episode. The Liberty High grads all said goodbye to their fallen friend Justin together when he died in the hospital after developing AIDS, and they also literally buried the past by digging a hole for Hannah's tapes as a group. But the finale was not only about looking back — it also showed the main characters looking forward to their futures at different colleges. In particular, Clay was surprised to get accepted into Brown University after an iffy interview, but he wound up actually hitting it off with one of his future classmates during the graduation ceremony.

In the finale, Clay met Heidi, who was also going to Brown and wanted to meet up to get to know him better ahead of the fall semester. It seemed clear the show was trying to imply Clay could likely begin dating Heidi in college, especially when she expressed her appreciation for the comic Alien Killer Robots after Clay told her his email address.


But Heidi is not the only one benefiting from receiving Clay's contact info. Some fans tried sending message to his email address, and not only did they find their messages were actually going through, but some people even got replies from Clay himself. Elite Daily reached out to Netflix to ask if the 13 Reasons Why team is sending these email replies, or if it's simply a fan who created the account, but did not hear back at the time of publication. So, while these messages are fun, they should be taken with a grain of salt as to whether they should be considered canon.

The messages reveal new details about the characters, such as updates on everyone's life now that they are in college.

Another response reveals Clay is just good friends with Heidi for now, although things could progress to dating.

Fans are also using the emails to help clear up some confusing moments from Season 4, like how Winston wound up getting a copy of Bryce's tape.

Regardless of who is sending these emails, the responses sure sound knowledgeable, and they will likely offer fans a lot of peace of mind after watching that heart-wrenching final season.