You Can Now Book Post-Workout Blowouts Through ClassPass & This Is Not A Drill, Guys

by Georgina Berbari

If you thought you were obsessed with ClassPass before, get ready to fall in love even harder, girl. As of Tuesday, May 1, you can now book freaking blowouts through your ClassPass subscription. This is not a drill, y'all: ClassPass' GLAM + GO blowouts are here to save you from your post-workout hair struggles, so you can stop wasting an entire can of dry shampoo on your sweaty locks after every single sweat sesh. What a time to be alive, amirite?

Up until recently, ClassPass stayed securely inside the fitness sphere, offering basically any and every workout class you could possibly imagine, including, more recently, the ability to live-stream your workouts. But now, the service has upgraded in a few major ways, offering all kinds of self-care and wellness perks to accompany your weekly sweat sessions, which will now include the chance to book a post-workout blowout at any New York City GLAM+GO location. Finally, someone has answered our prayers and is looking out for our aggressively sweaty, often unsightly post-workout hair. #BlessUp.

Whether you're squeezing in a sweat sesh before work, or hitting up SoulCycle before a big date, you can now ~get your hair did~ at any Manhattan GLAM+GO location, and book the whole thing through ClassPass.

Seriously, you'll basically be able to trick everyone into thinking you never even broke a sweat in the first place, these blowouts are that good. GLAM+GO is the kind of service that knows how hectic your schedule is, and is here to work around that to make good hair days so much easier and more accessible. The service is all about catering to the busy women of the world who love getting a blowout just as much as they love sweating their stuff at the gym, or killing it at the office. Personally, this speaks to my very soul, because every time I try to blow out my own hair and make it look even halfway decent after a workout, I always end up looking like a mad scientist who was just electrocuted by one of her creations-gone-wrong. GLAM+GO's about to my freaking savior, guys.

According to a press release sent to Elite Daily, Erika Wasser, the founder and CEO of GLAM+GO, has always loved exercising, but like many of us, she hates the time and hassle it takes to do her hair after a post-workout shower. As a former on-air TV host, the press release said, Wasser spent a lot of time in green rooms, where she experienced jaw-dropping hair transformations in a matter of minutes. After witnessing that magic firsthand, she decided to create a chain of blowout bars that would replicate that exact experience — bless you, Erika. She explained in the press release,

I founded GLAM+GO as it was a service I desperately needed for post-workouts. Our locations have always been strategically fitness adjacent so women on-the-go can maximize their time, which is why we felt ClassPass was the perfect partner.

This all sounds totally fabulous, but if you're a seasoned ClassPass user, then you're probably wondering how the credits system will work for this whole thing.

According to Well+Good, the amount of credits you'll need for a GLAM+GO blowout "will range depending on demand, time, day of the week, and location." But the average amount you'll need, a ClassPass rep told the outlet, will be around 22 credits. Not too shabby, right?

For now, according to the press release sent to Elite Daily, the ClassPass-membership blowout service is only available at six locations in Manhattan: Exhale Spa UES, Equinox UES, ROW NYC Times Square, Flatiron, Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking, and NYSC Astor Place. But who knows — maybe with enough demand, ClassPass' GLAM+GO service will soon make its way to your city, too.

So, New Yorkers, if your damp and frizzy post-workout hair is in need of some major assistance, you can now book your GLAM+GO services via the ClassPass app or on ClassPass.comso many good hair days ahead of us, guys.