Clare Crawley Dyed Her Hair A TOTALLY Different Color Post-Breakup

MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

With every passing day, it seems former Bachelorette Clare Crawley proves she really is just like us. After spending several years approaching love and potential suitors with an extremely discerning eye, risking it all for the person you fall in infatuation at first sight with, and, sadly, seeing it end slightly messily on Instagram sooner than you'd like to admit, Crawley did a little post-breakup hair transformation. If this series of events sounds familiar, it's because you and I both experienced it in high school, college, and probably last Tuesday with a rando you met on Hinge.

In all seriousness, the post-breakup haircut or hair color is high-key my favorite step in the game of love. As sad as the events leading up to it are, you can't deny the power, boldness, and confidence (however chaotic or fleeting) that comes with the post-breakup hair change. And I've gotta say, it looks good on Crawley. Following her breakup with Bachelorette contestant Dale Moss, whom Crawley dated for a couple months following the show, she debuted her brand-new pink hair in an Instagram photo on Saturday, Feb. 6. Granted, the post was promotional for vegan temporary hair color brand Celeb Luxury, so it's unclear if Crawley's new pink hair was breakup-fueled or not. Either way, this temporary rose-gold color is everything and more on Crawley.

"I’ve been wanting to have some fun and (temporarily) change up my hair for some time now with a fun color ••• so I did it!!🥳," she captioned the post. While some hairstylists are wary of at-home hair color products, Crawley, a colorist herself, wrote in her caption that she recommends these products because they are free of parabens, PPD, and mineral oil; devoid of harsh chemicals; plant-based; and cruelty-free.

Despite the sad events of the last several weeks for Crawley, judging from her social media presence, she's doing what she can to give herself some grace and self-care. And speaking from experience, spending some time feeling yourself with a few new (safe) hair colors is time and energy incredibly well spent.