Clare & Dale Just Had Another Major Relationship Milestone

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Who says you have to be on The Bachelorette to go for a good, old fashioned hometown visit? Case in point: Clare Crawley met Dale Moss' sister after they exited the show during Episode 4. On Nov. 9, just four days after their proposal episode aired, Dale posted a picture of himself alongside Clare and his sister Robyn. He sweetly captioned the picture, "Fam Bam!" Given that Crawley and Moss instantly bonded on The Bachelorette over their close ties with their family, this visit holds special significance to their relationship.

Moss tagged the location of the photo to his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Why, you ask? Because Moss gave Crawley a little tour of his old stomping grounds shortly after she showed him around her hometown in California.

"I just gave Dale the ultimate tour of Sacramento the other day, and guess what we are doing today," Crawley said in an Instagram Story video, per People, as they rode in a car together. "We're going to check out your old home, your high school!" She later jokingly dubbed the trip "the official hometowns."

All in all, the trip looks pretty dang adorable, filled with plenty of family bonding time, walks down memory lane, and visits to nostalgic spots.

Clare's thirst for Dale seems like it's as strong as ever. Case in point:

Clare Crawley / Instagram

The only thing seeming to cool things off for the pair during the trip was, quite literally, the cold weather. Dale posted a video to his Instagram Stories, which he captioned, "Welcome to the tundra." In it, California native Clare did not seem to be enjoying the South Dakotan climate. In fact, she went so far as to call the November weather "frigid" and say she's "frozen."

But Dale was not phased, saying this wasn't even as bad as it gets in his hometown. "It's not even that bad!" Moss replied to his wife-to-be with a laugh. "It's not even winter yet." Yikes.

Dale Moss / Instagram

On the Nov. 5 episode of The Bachelorette, Clare and Dale made history by getting engaged and exiting the show only four episodes into her season.

As of now, it looks like they're still very happy with their decision!