Clare & Dale's Body Language During The Proposal Reveals So Much

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Somebody seriously needs to give Chris Harrison a raise, because Bachelor Nation has another engagement in the books! Anyone with eyes could tell the Bachelorette and her boo were joyously happy during the Nov. 5 episode, but I asked an expert to look into all the ~hidden clues~ you might have missed. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' proposal body language was "super happy and genuine," according to body language expert Traci Brown, author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence.

Although Crawley was initially worried that Moss might not show up for the proposal, there were no traces of tension in her body language once he arrived. "I don't see anything that out and out says nervousness," Brown says, looking at photos of the lovebirds as they confessed their feelings for one another. "I think she's happy and expectant of something here."

Even so, when Moss dropped to one knee, Crawley's hands flew up to cover her nose and mouth. "That's real surprise. That's genuine happiness," Brown says.

"Real smiles are in their eyes. A true smile is not only a mouth situation." According to Brown, Moss and Crawley's matching, beaming, beautiful expressions mean these two are fully and equally smitten with each other. She adds, "One isn't happier than the other."


There is one tiny, strange detail about the way Crawley stands when Moss is down on one knee. "Her feet are kind of crossed, which is a little bit unusual," Brown says. "Your feet cross when you're nervous about something, like you're protecting yourself a little bit. The problem is movie stars and famous people stand like that on the red carpet, because for women, it makes you more of an hourglass type figure. So, is she just used to standing like that? Or is she protecting herself?"

Keep in mind Crawley is no stranger to red carpets — she's been in the public eye ever since her Bachelor debut in 2014 — and, hello, she knows a whole camera crew is literally recording her every move. So, it wouldn't be surprising if she wanted to stand in a certain way. Also, unless you straight-up ask her what was running through her head in this moment, it's impossible to draw firm conclusions just from her feet. But still, Brown calls her stance here "curious."


Also, see how Crawley grips the back of her new fiancé's head as they hug? "Whoever has control of the other person's head, they're in control," Brown notes. "See how she's pulling his head down? He's gotta be OK with her being in charge." There were probably plenty of moments during their other on-air embraces where Moss had the upper hand, but still — it makes sense. This was Crawley's season! She called the shots.


Brown says these two look exactly as thrilled and in sync as any couple should be during a proposal, even if their courtship went at warp speed. Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Moss!