Clare Accidentally Called Dale Her "Husband" & It Was Majorly Sus

Where do I begin? Clare Crawley called Dale Moss her husband in a Dec. 10 Instagram Story, and now fans are convinced the two are married. "Nothing makes me happier than grocery shopping with my husband," Crawley playfully said in the clip. But after her followers kept asking her if she tied the knot with the football star, Crawley insisted she and Moss "aren't married, in a second IG Story, and said it was a mere "slip of the tongue."

This isn't the first time fans thought Crawley took her relationship to another level. In November 2020, the couple's followers noticed Moss wearing a new ring on his left hand in one of his Instagram pics, and upon closer inspection, it definitely looked like a wedding band. As you can imagine, that sent their fans into a frenzy.

"Ummmm is that a WEDDING RING 😳?" one person asked in the comments section, and another said, "Is anyone noticing the ring?" Yet another fan chimed in with, "Did you secretly get married? Wearing a ring already I see 😍." Neither Moss nor Crawley commented on the wedding speculation at the time, but her most recent Story seems to clear up those marriage rumors.

Though Crawley insists the two haven't yet jumped the broom, I imagine it's only a matter of time before they do. She and Moss quickly found love on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, and after spending two weeks together, the former hairstylist decided to break up with all of her contestants and walk away with Moss in the end. On the show, they both told TV host Chris Harrison that it was "love at first sight."

"Everything since the show has been reaffirming of why I chose Dale," Crawley told People in November 2020. "He's even better off camera, in person, one on one at home. Dale is the yin to my yang. And this is the happiest I've ever been." Moss confirmed he felt the same way and said, "For me personally, there is no explanation needed. I've never been afraid of commitment. And when I met Clare, I knew I was all in. She lights a fire in me that I was missing for so long."

I have no doubt about it: Crawley and Moss totally in love, and sooner or later, they're going to walk down the aisle and live out the rest of their lives together (if they haven't already tied the knot, that is).