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Christmas Will Be Extra Merry For These Zodiac Signs

Santa Claus isn't the only thing coming to town — good news is, too. Virgo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn will thrive this holiday season, as they're the zodiac signs who will have the best Christmas 2019. If your sun or rising sign is in one of the aforementioned trio, there might be blessings on blessings come Dec. 25.

The moon is in bright and fiery Sagittarius as it connects with expansive Jupiter. It's time to feel the love, embrace spontaneity, and have a good time. As the sun forms a trine to exciting Uranus, you'll feel encouraged to make this a Christmas for the books. Why not try something a little different this year?

However, this will also be an intense Christmas, as there are big changes coming into play. A solar eclipse in Capricorn takes place on Dec. 26 at 12:13 a.m. ET. In astrology, eclipses are a time of dramatic shifts and life-changing situations. Think of an eclipse as a major turning point in the story of your life. Turning points can be as exciting as they are terrifying, so if you're feeling anxious or restless, you're not alone. Plus, Saturn — planet of time — and Pluto — planet of transformation — are forming a conjunction, which could feel like walls closing in on you. There might be pressure to really improve yourself. But don't worry, the fullest extent of your power is just beginning to reveal itself.


Virgo: You're Feeling So In Touch With Your Inner Child

Is that a brilliant idea sparkling in your mind? Are you singing Christmas carols with more excitement than anyone in the room? Are you smooching someone under a mistletoe? You're so wrapped up in holiday cheer that even the uncertainties of life can't get you down. The way through the end of any dark tunnel you may be traveling through is through creative expression and the will to find something beautiful in the present moment. Life is full of complications and you might as well enjoy it when you can.

Sagittarius: You're Feeling Blessed, Abundant, And So Lucky

You might feel super emotional this Christmas, but who says emotions are a bad thing? Nothing feels better than tears of joy when you're surrounded with loved ones and a sparkling tree. Let yourself be permeated by the present moment. You've got a big heart, and this Christmas, it feels bigger than ever. Don't subdue your feelings or repress your true self. It's time to unleash the beautiful, bold, and bright soul that you are. You have the power to make Christmas more special for everyone.

Capricorn: You Know You're On The Verge Of Something Big

This year's Christmas is major for so many reasons. Not only are you in the midst of your solar return, but you're about to begin a year filled with so much personal expansion, growth, and transformation. This is a Christmas you're bound to remember for all the years to come and you shouldn't take that lightly. You might even be grappling with some uncomfortable shifts, but deep down, you know these changes are happening with your best interests in mind. Positive energy is pouring into your life, so know that all those months of frustration and challenges were not in vain. You were working up to something. Now, it's time to start reaping the rewards.