This Video Of Luna & Miles Eating Chicken Wings Is Beyond Adorable

by Jamie LeeLo
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are like the unofficial first family. I imagine plenty of people would be on board to rearrange our national politics around them. The two celebrities are serious #relationshipgoals and their children are objectively perfect. If you're having a bad day, scroll through Teigen's Instagram account for a dose of adorable. Take Chrissy Teigen's video of Luna and Miles eating John Legend's chicken wings, for example. (Just that sentence alone sounds like it should be the name of an epic documentary on this famous family.) The post is too cute for words and fans are soaking it up.

It's no surprise that this fam is into food. Teigen alternates her social media time between challenging President Trump, posting smoldering photos from vacation, and sharing recipes. She's made herself a staple in the culinary world thanks to her multiple cookbooks and cookware line at Target. Fans saw her and Legend face off in a macaroni and cheese contest over the holidays and have watched in delight as she's shared videos of her babies helping out in the kitchen. Part of what makes this latest post so much fun is that it appears to be husband Legend's recipe instead of her own.

In the video, Miles and Luna head up the ultimate kids' table while they chow down with a few of their friends. According to Teigen's tweet, they are dining on "john’s sweet chili chicken wings with jerk cole slaw." She added that the concoction "makes for amazing faces." I would add it also makes for amazing messes. Miles managed to get the sauce on his forehead, and even though Luna is rocking a tiara she seems to be doing a pretty good job rolling around in the deliciousness, too.

Take a look:

Is it just me, or are those portions, like, adult-sized portions?

This video reminds me of another gem Teigen posted a long time ago when she and Luna were making ribs in their impressive kitchen. In that instance, Luna was up to her elbows in raw meat like the aspiring little chef she almost certainly is. The video showed Luna kindly demanding that her mom pass her various ingredients so she could continue to marinate and season their meal. Ultimately, Teigen never figured out exactly what ingredient Luna needed, but we know it wasn't bananas.

You've gotta admire a toddler who has that much confidence tackling over a dozen ribs in a princess costume.

TBH, it's been a stellar year for these kids. Miles recently took his first steps (maybe) and the whole gang spent the summer bopping from tropical locations to luxurious cities. Fortunately for fans, Teigen does a damn good job documenting the whole thing. Someday in a not-so-distant future, I'd like to believe this family puts together a cooking competition show that is just Miles facing off against his big sister and Legend challenging Queen chef Teigen.

In the meantime, keep the foodie videos coming, Chrissy! Fans seriously love your recipes and your babies.