Chrissy Teigen Posted A Video Of John Legend's Swimming Lesson, So Prepare To Cheer

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John Legend is learning how to swim! The 40-year-old singer apparently hasn't taken a lesson since he was 5, so now that his kids are starting to learn, he's taking on the challenge as well. And Chrissy Teigen is so proud of him. Chrissy Teigen's video of John Legend's swimming lesson is peak Proud Chrissy. Seriously, she had to turn the volume off in the video because she was apparently screaming too much out of excitement. The pride is real.

Legend talked about his swimming lessons on Twitter on Jan. 28. "I can't really swim. Today I took my first swim lesson since I was like five," he said. "My dad learned in his 60's so I feel like I'm ahead of schedule."

When a fan asked if he was learning along with his kids, Legend responded, "They already started months ago!" So he's ahead of his own dad, but his kids are months ahead of him. Chrissy Teigen is loving every single minute of Legend learning how to swim (in the pool in their backyard, by the way).

She posted a video of Legend swimming in a pool with his apparent instructor and said, "Adult swim with @kidswimla - so proud!!!"

Go, John, go!!

When a fan on Twitter asked why there was no sound in the video, Teigen, according to Entertainment Tonight, replied saying she was "cheering too loudly," so she felt it was best to turn the sound off. Fair enough.

According to Legend's Instagram story, he's two lessons into his ~swimming journey~. Hopefully Teigen continues to document the entire thing, except with sound from here on out. I want to hear that wifey pride, Chrissy! Let me hear the pride!

Legend and Teigen are always talking about how proud they are of each other and how much they love each other. I truly, deeply live for it. For Legend's 40th birthday party, for example, Teigen threw him a Casino Royale-themed party.

Look at the majestic happiness that is this photo!!

The photo shows Legend, Teigen, Luna, Miles, and Teigen's mother, Pepper, posing in the casino-themed photo booth set up at the party.

Legend captioned the post,

Saturday night, my amazing wife threw me the most incredible 40th birthday party I could imagine! So good to be surrounded by family and loved ones. I had the time of my life. I'm so grateful. And the photo booth? The greatest of all time (in the Instagram era, that's like 90% of party planning, right?)

I am also grateful for that photo booth. I'm grateful for pretty much anything Teigen and Legend post showing their adorable as hell babies.

Like this video of Miles? End me.

These selfies of John and Luna? Goodnight.

Don't even get me started on this!!


Now all I need is to see videos of John, Luna, Chrissy, and Miles all swimming together. This is the content the internet needs during these trying times! The Teigen/Stephens family brings all the joy!!