Chrissy Teigen Got Real About How Botox Has Helped Her Pregnancy Headaches


Chrissy Teigen has been super vocal about her third pregnancy ever since announcing it on Aug. 13. Over the past month, she has opened up about how the happy news came as a total surprise and how her baby bump is growing much faster this time around. But now, it's Chrissy Teigen's tweets about botox helping her pregnancy headaches that are getting straight to the point.

Fans were thrilled for Teigen and her husband John Legend when the couple confirmed baby No. 3 is on the way during the music video for Legend's song "Wild." Teigen, who has detailed her journey with IVF in the past, didn't wait long to tweet about how the exciting news caught her off guard.

"I didn't think I could get pregnant naturally," she shared in reference to how her and Legend's two kids, Luna and Miles, were conceived through IVF. "I promise you, I never ever ever ever ever thought I could."

But, of course, like many moms-to-be, Teigen is dealing with some pregnancy complications that are leaving her feeling not so great. On Friday, Sept. 4, the Cravings cookbook author reflected on dealing with the side effects of her pregnancy and what she's found that finally helped her combat the pesky migraines.

“I get really really bad pregnancy headaches,” Teigen tweeted. “Was thrilled to be cleared to do neck muscle botox along with a crazy combo of beta blocker shots and radio wave frequency something something doctor terms. anyhow man it’s just so bad but I see the light finally.”

Teigen went on to encourage her followers who were thinking of trying botox for their pregnancy headaches to "go to a neurologist instead of cosmetic" if they have the means to because "it’s a lot better and safer because they talk to your OB."

Many fans thanked Teigen for sharing her secret, and others were quick to tell her she'll be getting judged by other moms on the social media platform, to which she had the best response. "I absolutely do not care," Teigen replied.

Fans can always count on Teigen to keep things real AF.