Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back At A Fan Who Told Her To Post More Bikini Pics In An Epic Way

by Karen Ruffini
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Will trolls ever understand that you simply cannot defeat social media queen Chrissy Teigen? It's precious that they're trying, but clearly not succeeding. The Lip Sync Battle commentator and cookbook author always delivers iconic roasts to anyone who comes close to trying to bring her down, and apparently, she's still got it. If you're wondering what legendary burn she's credited with now, then you should probably read Chrissy Teigen's response to a hater telling her to post bikini pictures, because it is straight fire and will make your day instantaneously better.

While there's really no need for an introduction as to who Chrissy Teigen is, some of you may not know that she has two adorable children, 2-year-old Luna and 10-month-old Miles, with her husband, EGOT winner John Legend. If you merely scroll through Chrissy Teigen's Instagram feed, you'll see an array of photos and videos that are snapshots into her real life. That means that, much like every other parent on the planet, Teigen gushes about how incredible her children are, and usually has adorable photos of those precious little moments like bath time, morning snuggles, and playing dress up. Nothing too out of control so far, right?

Well, on March 14, Teigen took to Instagram to show off little Luna in her very first big girl bed, and the video is so damn cute. In the clip, we hear Legend and Teigen helping Luna pick out an array of toys to have on her brand new bed, and at the end of the video, you see Luna laughing and smiling and saying, "Thank you mama." Watch it below (but I'm warning you: your heart is guaranteed to explode):

Words fail me with how delightful this video is.

Naturally, fans of Teigen took to the comments to write how sweet the video was, and plenty of fans even wrote about their own children's first big bed experience. But there was one commenter who decided to put their two cents in about the video, making it known that they weren't happy that Teigen was posting about this particular subject matter.

"Bikini pics only," the user wrote in the comments, adding, "you were a model nobody cares about your kids."

Um, come again?

That's right, folks! This particular commenter decided that, because Teigen had a very successful modeling career, the only thing they'd like to see on her Insta feed are pictures of her in a bikini.

With that logic, that means that my Instagram feed should contain nothing but my hands typing words on a keyboard. Quality content!

Of course, this comment is wrong on a large variety of levels. And, while things could easily escalate into a much angrier situation, Chrissy Teigen responded to the user directly to share her thoughts on their feedback. She tagged the user and wrote, "yeah well now that I've had kids you don't wanna see me in a bikini so it's quite the dilemma," and world, believe me when I say that collectively, WE STAN A TWITTER GENIUS.

Only Chrissy Teigen could deliver a burn that so perfectly encapsulates the entire situation, and presents it in one neat and tidy comment, wrapped with a metaphorical bow on top.

So remember, if you're a troll who's looking to pick a fight with Chrissy Teigen, do yourself a favor and just don't. Because there's literally no way that you would win.

TGFCT (Thank God for Chrissy Teigen), you guys.