Chrissy Teigen Opened Up About How She & John Legend Feel About Kanye West These Days

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Chrissy Teigen is never one to hold back. And in a recent interview with Vogue, she definitely told it like it is. When discussing her husband John Legend’s friendship with famed and controversial rapper Kanye West, Teigen gave a whole lot of insight into how their relationship works. And you know what? Everything she had to say could make for a really great lesson on having civil discussions in spite of differing political views. There’s actually a lot of interesting stuff to glean from Chrissy Teigen’s comments about John Legend and Kanye West.

While Teigen and Legend are very liberal in their political views, their good friend West isn’t always as liberal. And that’s made for some rocky times in the couple’s friendship with the rapper. But in her interview with Vogue, Teigen asserted that the friendship continues to thrive because everyone listens to each other.

"The thing with Kanye is that his opinions have always been super strong," Teigen told Vogue. "He's never been the guy to push them on you, but he will say what he wants to say. Same with John. That's why I loved that they were able to have this civil discourse. Kanye learned a lot in the months after that. John did, too."

The discourse Teigen is referring to goes back to April 2018 when West shared his private text messages with Legend on Twitter. In the texts, Legend pleaded with West to think differently about supporting Donald Trump. Teigen told Vogue that listening to differing opinions, as West and Legend seemed to do at the time, opened up her views as well as theirs.

“You can't just believe you're the right one all the time. That's what makes us horrible," Teigen told the magazine. "Trust me: My views are super liberal, and I'm like, 'How could anyone not think this way?' But people are also entitled to their opinion."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, it seems like Legend and West have a pretty strong friendship in spite of their differing political views. And that’s a wonderful lesson to a lot of people.

As for Teigen herself, she also shared some insight into her own friendship with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian. The two are close enough that they text and share “ridiculous” stories about themselves with each other. While Teigen takes rumors and tabloid stories in stride, she realizes that some others might not.

"A lot of people are really smart about staying out of it," Teigen explained. "I'll send something to Kim — a screen grab of The Daily Mail, like some ridiculous headline, and she'll be like, 'Is that what's happening?' And I'm like, 'Kim, this is the biggest story of the week right now!' Then I'll feel bad because she's probably been saving her sanity by not reading this stuff, and meanwhile, I'm like 'Look at this!'"

All in all, it sounds like Teigen, Legend, West, and Kardashian share a really lovely and close friendship. And the fact that they’re all so different makes them more self-aware, so that’s definitely a positive thing. Even in spite of their differing opinions, they all seem to support each other.