Chrissy Teigen Leaked John Legend’s New Album On Social Media, But He’s Cool With It

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

John Legend has new music coming, y'all, and his wifey is giving a first listen of the album. On May 24, Chrissy Teigen leaked John Legend's new album, Bigger Love, by posting snippets of her fave songs on social media as she listened to the LP for the first time. The celeb chef kicked off her listening sesh with an Insta vid, which she hilariously captioned, "currently leaking john's album on my stories. out June 19th. or free when I get mad enough."

As well as posting on her Stories, Teigen shared clips on Twitter, but don't worry, guys — her hubby's not mad about it. "I call this free promotion. Leak on," Legend commented on his wife's Instagram post.

After listening to one song in particular where Legend sings, "You know there's a lot of women tryin' to take your place," Teigen responded with a jokingly outraged tweet. "This is why I'm gonna keep my options open with the men of Better Call Saul," she said. That's when Legend stepped in to defend himself. "You didn't tell them the punchline. 'But I'm focused. I'm focused on you,'" he tweeted in reply. The singer also responded to her Better Call Saul quip with a throwback pic of him and Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk, which he captioned, "Better Call John." I stan a man who can take a joke.

As well as sharing some 10-second clips of new music from Bigger Love (which all sound like total bops, BTW), Teigen revealed an exciting collaboration on the album. "One of my favorite ones is one with @JheneAiko," she tweeted. If you're not familiar with Jhené Aiko, she's a fellow R&B singer who just released her third studio album, Chilombo, on March 6. Aiko has already collaborated with Big Sean and Lil Wayne, among others, and — like Legend — she has a great sense of humor. When Teigen suggested with mock jealousy that Legend and Aiko should get married, Aiko tweeted at her, saying, "I think we both are actually singing to you in these songs." Do I smell the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Legend first announced the release date of his forthcoming album in mid-May, soon after dropping his video for the title track. Similar to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's "Stuck with U" music video, the video for "Bigger Love" features a series of fan submissions from around the world, as well as plenty of cameos from his wife and their two kids, Luna and Miles. During a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show on March 24, Legend revealed to Jimmy Fallon that Bigger Love is probably his "sexiest album to date." He then added that his album is perfect "if you're stuck at home and want to make some coronababies." Um, June 19, could you hurry up and get here already?