Chrissy & John Shared The Cutest Photos Of Luna & Miles In Italy

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It's vacation season! One family soaking up all the sun they can get is the internet's favorite group of legends. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have jetted off to Italy with their two little ones, as well as hairstylist Jen Atkin and her husband, and already the Instagram posts are giving me life. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's photos of Luna and Miles in Italy are seriously adorable, and they're really solidifying the fact that Teigen and Legend's Instagrams are becoming all about their kids.

The family of four loves their Italian getaways. Teigen and Legend got married in Como in September 2013, and the couple seems to love to return to the country with little Luna and Miles. And as they usually do on their family trips, Teigen and Legend have been posting up a storm on their Instagrams.

Teigen kicked off the vacation Instas with a paparazzi photo of her carrying Luna with Legend by her side. They're all color-coordinated in yellow and white outfits, and yes — it's adorable. She posted the photo with the caption, "in portofino!!"

Legend's first vacation shot was one of him and Luna posing for the camera. Luna's lounging wearing a pair of shades that are way too big for her face, Legend is all smiles, and his caption is just "Vacation." It's a full vacation-mode-activated kind of vibe.

Her next photo was a shot of Miles sitting on a boat, looking as happy as ever.

Yayyyy, Miles! Legend captioned the sweet shot, "My happy boy in Portofino." Teigen posted the same photo and trolled Legend a bit in her caption, because of course she did.

"John posted this but I have more followers," she said. A flex for the ages.

Teigen's next post was another heckin' cute photo of Miles sitting on a bed and playing with a laptop.

I meannnnnn.

"If you email me anytime in the next 7 days this is who is replying," Teigen said in her caption.

Teigen then gave us all a much needed Luna update.

Update: she be lounging!

The photo showed little Luna sitting in a hot tub on a boat, something that I've never done in my 26 years on this earth but Luna has probably done a bunch of times. Teigen's caption was a simple crown emoji, because Luna is a queen.

And don't you worry: Where there were Instagram posts, there were also Instagram stories.

Thanks to a fan account, we're able to check out Teigen's Instagram stories after they've expired. The queen of Twitter posted a selfie of her and Luna that showed Teigen trying to be cute, and Luna being extra cute by growling like a bear.

I can't tell if Luna is playing here, or if she really just doesn't want a video taken. Either way, v cute.

Teigen also posted a video of Luna laying underneath a chair and asking, "Mommy, how do I get out of here?" Teigen tells her to slide out, then the rest of the video shows her trying to do just that.

Girl, is that concrete comfy?

Here's hoping Teigen and Legend continue to post family photos throughout their Italian trip! We all need more Luna and Miles content in our lives.