Chrissy Teigen Admitted She Didn't Think She'd Marry John Legend After Their First Date

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For many couples out there, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the definition of relationship goals. Between their happy family of four and their constant internet trolling, Teigen and Legend seem to always make the most of their love for each other. And what couple wouldn’t want to emulate that? Given how endearing their relationship is, it might come as a surprise that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s first date story doesn’t exactly give off “love at first sight” vibes.

In a new interview with Elle UK, Teigen opened up about what her first date with Legend was like back in 2007.

"We just clicked," Teigen revealed. "It wasn't like, 'He's so sexy!' But he did make the first move, for sure... We spent 12 hours together, so that’s like 12 dates, right?”

Teigen once revealed some details about those 12 hours on Twitter back in 2015. “Every time someone asks john for a selfie and says 'I never do this' I think back to the night we met when I said it but not about selfies,” she wrote on Twitter at the time.

And even with all that time spent together during that first date, Teigen wasn’t convinced that Legend was the one she’d spend her life with.

“Still, it was never like ‘this is the man I’m going to marry’. There’s also those normal stories where you date and talk and just grow together,” Teigen said. “I do remember talking to him on the phone the next day for hours, though. He was on tour. And I’d never do that now.”

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So, maybe Teigen did kind of know that there was something special about Legend, especially if she was going out of her way to do things she wouldn’t have otherwise. But even if that was the case, she insists that pretty much everything about their courtship was totally normal and nothing to envy. Even Legend’s 2011 marriage proposal wasn’t exactly a scene out of a movie.

“I had the worst cramps! He has videos of me complaining so hard,” Teigen told Elle UK. “But then the waiter came with this silver dome, and all this arugula falls out and there’s a ring box. There was no grand speech but, yeah, I cried.”

And it seems like Teigen wouldn’t have had the proposal go any other way. She admitted to Elle UK that she thinks long, drawn-out proposal speeches are “absurd” and that she likes things to be simple!

“The speech and everything that goes into it. It’s absurd!” Teigen said. “And I was very happy the way we were. The annoying part was everybody else saying, ‘Has he proposed yet?’ They never believe that you don’t care, or that a woman might be thinking about a career path. So when he asked, I had no idea.”

Well, it sounds as though Teigen is perfectly happy she and Legend had such a normal courtship and proposal. Their 2013 wedding, however, was anything but normal. The couple enjoyed a destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy that was everything you’d expect from a celebrity couple.

All in all, though, it seems like Teigen and Legend were totally made for each other!