Chrissy Tweeted Screenshots Of Her Fight With John & It's Hilarious

by Candice Jalili
David Crotty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever fought with your partner after they sprung last-minute plans on you, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's fight after The Voice finale will hit home. The supermodel gave fans a unique inside look at her relationship by tweeting through the tiff. And you know what? I bet Legend will never make the same mistake again.

"I didn’t know tonight was the voice finale," Teigen wrote in her first tweet on Dec. 17. "John invited everyone to dinner at the house after and I’m really f*cking mad because I didn’t make a f*cking FINALE meal. I would have gotten a cake or something too?? Who the f*ck does this? [You] don’t win the voice then eat short ribs."

"It sounds dumb yes but this is VERY john," she continued in the second tweet. "I am always in charge of doing the fun, extra sh*t and he has no idea how much I plan normally and he’s like 'no it’s fine they just wanna have dinner' but it’s literally the finale of their show??? And I have no ice cream truck."

"If [you] think this is stupid go ahead and tell me what you made when Blake Kelly and Gwen came over to your house," she concluded in her third tweet.

OK, so I obviously don't have personal experience with my partner just casually inviting some of the biggest musicians in the world over our house for the finale of their hit show. But the experience of having your partner spring an important plan on you at the last minute? Extremely relatable.

Teigen also posted a screenshot of her conversation with Legend alongside the caption "lol I'm serious I'm laughing but I'm f*cking p*ssed."

"Why wouldn't you plan something?" she asked her husband, adding that she "cannot plan every fun thing" in his life for him.

"They want to come over and have dinner with us," he replied. "They don't expect us to entertain them with something elaborate."

Teigen was not having his calm response. "No one is going to want to come sit and have dinner," she retorted. "We don't have a cake or anything." To top it all off, she threw in a text that (obviously jokingly) told Legend that this is why he isn't "good at anything."

Luckily it looks like things worked out in the end because Teigen posted a super cute photo of herself and The Voice squad just a few hours after detailing her fight with Legend:

Next time your partner makes your blood boil by forgetting to tell you a majorly important detail, reassure yourself by remembering you guys are basically exactly like Teigen and Legend.