Chris Evans Might Star In The 'Little Shop Of Horrors' Remake & I'm Still Screaming

by Ani Bundel
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The good thing about a genre film doing well is that it usually signals to Hollywood to make others. Whether that's comic book movies or romcoms, success begets success. So when Les Miserables and La La Land find themselves in Oscar contention, that usually means more musicals come down the pike. With Into The Heights and Hamilton on the way, other offbeat Broadway shows get greenlit. And that's how you wake up one morning to find out Chris Evans might star in the Little Shop Of Horrors remake.

Let's rewind a bit. Warner Bros., the company bringing Into The Heights to the big screen in the summer of 2020, has been looking at doing a remake of Little Shop of Horrors since the fall of 2019. Greg Berlanti will direct the musical. He's the man best known for the DC Arrowverse on the CW, including Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Batgirl. He's also the executive producer behind Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Katy Keene.

Billy Porter has already signed on to this remake of Little Shop, as the central role as the evil man-eating plant, Audrey II. Taron Egerton and Scarlett Johansson have reportedly been approached for the lead humans, Seymour and Audrey, though those are not done deals. Now The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Chris Evans is also in talks for a "starring role."

To which Evans tweeted:

That's right, Little Shop fans. He'll be a dentist and a success. His Knives Out co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, is very proud.

For those who haven't seen the show, here's the synopsis:

Little Shop of Horrors is the story of Seymour, a meek florist who works at the aptly named Skid Row Florists, where he is under the thumb of the owner, Mr. Mushnik, but where he also is secretly in love with Audrey, who also works at the struggling shop. Seymour becomes a celebrity when he discovers a venus flytrap-looking plant he dubs "Audrey II," but his life becomes disastrously complicated when the plant demands to be fed human blood, and eventually people themselves.

Evans' role is the evil dentist, Orin Scrivello, DSS, who is also Audrey's abusive boyfriend. Check out his entrance number, from the 1986 film adaptation, where Steve Martin played the role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new version of Little Shop of Horrors will draw from the original 1960 Roger Corman movie as well as the 1982 musical adaptation, which inspired the 1986 film, starring Rick Moranis as the nerdy Seymour. No word yet on when it is expected to hit theaters.