Chris' Body Language With Katie Vs. Jen On 'BIP' Shows He's Torn

by Korey Lane

Bachelor In Paradise fans have been blessed with a stellar season this summer 2019. It's only week two, and we've already seen love triangles, an actual fist fight, and more newcomers than I can even count. This season has been especially interesting for Chris Bukowski, who exchanged his Bachelor Nation retirement for a summer in Paradise. Chris and Katie Morton have been vibing really well this season, but on the Tuesday, Aug. 20 episode, Jen Saviano came along and took Chris out for a date. It's unclear who he'll pick, but Chris' body language with Katie compared to Jen makes it clear he has a hard decision to make.

For reference, Chris is definitely (probably) here for the right reasons. Chris previously appeared on The Bachelorette in 2012, then on Season 3 of Bachelor Pad before heading to Bachelor In Paradise for Seasons 1 and 2. Clearly he's had a wild ride and no luck, and he seems to want to finally settle down and meet someone special this time around.

But is that someone special Katie, or could it be Jen? Honestly, Chris seems pretty confused himself, so I reached out to body language expert Patti Wood to see if there was a clear frontrunner based on Chris' body language with each woman. Here's what she had to say.

With Katie, Chris is a little guarded.

For anyone who knows Katie, it's obvious that she can be a real goofball. This moment between Katie and Chris is a prime example. "His arms are folded close with lots of tension, see the muscles tighten and see how his head and neck are arched forward," Wood says of this moment. "He is not comfortable or trusting this to work."

It might have just been a little scary for Chris to let Katie pop his back, but according to his body language, he wasn't all that into it.

They seem to have a good time, but they're both apprehensive.

As Katie and Chris talked on the beach (before Jen even arrived) they seemed to be enjoying each other's company. "I like how they are sitting together and laughing," Wood says, "but note how she has her arm closest to him up and blocking him, and her right arm out in a 'make myself bigger' pose. Also notice that he has his knee up high, blocking, and his arm closest to her, [also] blocking and making himself bigger."

As much as they're laughing, Wood says that their body language shows they're both still a little apprehensive. "The most interesting tell is his hand wrapped around his thigh," she adds. "That shows he is protecting himself sexually from her while being aware of her, sexually." Interesting. Seems like Old Man Chris is super into Katie, but perhaps a little worried about getting his heart broken.

With Jen, it's a little more complicated.

While Jen and Chris' date wasn't all sunshine and roses, it wasn't anyone's fault. The two took a catamaran trip on the water and Chris ended up vomiting from seasickness. This isn't to say that their romance is doomed, but it wasn't a great start, and it seems like their body language echoes that.

"See how her feet are? Toes pointing toward and touching each other in a bit of self-consciousness and embarrassment?" Wood notes. She goes on to say that her particular pose is "sexual embarrassment, as we also see her knees fairly close together and her elbow out and arm resting over protectively." This was Jen and Chris' first date. She doesn't know him all that well, so it makes sense she would be a little guarded.

"Also note another set of guarding positions as you go up the body," Wood continues. "Her right arm over her chest and thumb up, hand curled near her mouth to suppress how she is really feeling." The boat date wasn't perfect, so perhaps Jen was just feeling a little anxious.

They do have potential.

When Chris and Jen got off the boat, their date got ten times better. The two got to talk and bond, but Wood says that Chris' body language is super complicated in this moment. "He is very conflicted here," she says. "See his toes pointing toward one foot and the other down and away, his arm up around the back of the sofa to symbolically move to hold her."

Jen, on the other hand, was a bit more relaxed. "She is more intimate here," Wood says. "Feet up for woman is often pre-kiss." However, Wood also notes that if she was truly into Chris, her pelvis would be exposed in another "pre-kiss" move. Here, she seems to be "protecting, with her right elbow over her pelvis."

Only Chris can know what's in his heart, but it's clear he has a tough decision coming his way. Even Wood suggests that Chris' body language proves he doesn't yet know which woman makes him the happiest. I guess we'll have to wait and see who he gives his rose too when Bachelor In Paradise continues at 8 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 26, on ABC.