This Woman Fell Into A Raging River While Doing Outdoor Yoga & The Video Is Painful

"Doing it for the 'gram" is already a phrase that usually makes me cringe whenever I read it. But when I see an embodiment of that phrase — not to mention one that has clearly gone very, very wrong — my bodily reaction is almost unbearable. Twenty-two-year-old Chisa Tolbertson's yoga fail, which is currently making its viral rounds through the social media world, is no exception, but on top of my cringing, I also can't help but genuinely worry about her safety.

I mean, the girl fell into a freaking river while trying to do yoga out in the woods. More than that, she toppled into a river that appeared to have a pretty violent current running through it. Seriously, is Tolbertson OK?!

The 22-year-old musician from Denver, Colorado actually tweeted out the initial video of her epic yoga fail back in May of 2017, so on the bright side, we know for sure she's at least somewhat recovered from it. In the video, you can see her body contorted into what's called a wheel pose, or chakrasana, which is a backbend that requires some serious spine flexibility, as well as core strength to maintain your balance. And, when you're doing the pose on what appears to be a wooden bridge/fallen tree precariously perched above a raging river, as Tolbertson did, I imagine you need even more strength and balance to accomplish the feat.

At first, Tolbertson's wheel pose seems to be perfect, with the natural scenery around her beautifully complementing her movement.

But the 22-year-old gets a bit, well, cocky about the whole thing, as you see her trying to raise one of her feet off the surface beneath her. This move, of course, proved to be the beginning of the end of her venture into outdoor yoga.

It seems as if she realizes she can't quite balance for very long with one of her feet lifted, so she returns back into the wheel pose, with both feet on the bark below her. But she soon plays with fire (or water, I guess, in this case) again, lifting her left arm above her.

Honestly, when I first saw her fall into the water, my heart stopped. The video shows her scraping her butt against a nearby rock, and her plunge into the water looks pretty violent overall. And, again, that current of the river is eerily fast. Actually, what freaks me out the most about the video is that the camera continues to roll for about 30 painfully slow seconds, and it literally just ends with that continuous shot of the river, with Tolbertson nowhere to be found.

Even though I was personally scared sh*tless for her, Twitter didn't hesitate to make the most obvious of jokes.

Thankfully, I suppose it's OK for all of us to laugh it off, because it turns out that, not only is Tolberston totally fine post-fall, but she actually went back to the same area to prove she could successfully pull off that wheel pose:

The perfectionist in me wants to point out that she's not doing it over that damn wooden bridge/fallen tree this time, but I'm going to guess she realized it was, all in all, not safe to return to the exact same spot. Kudos, girl.

That's not the only lesson Tolbertson came away with, though. She told Refinery29,

I think you're living life a little wrong if you can't find any room to make fun of yourself every once in a while
So once I saw how miserably I had failed, I myself had a good hard laugh over it (something about a near death experience makes the little things that much funnier).

I'm not positive that I'd personally be able to laugh off such a terrifying near-death experience, but hey, when all is said and done, I'm glad you're OK, girl! Maybe keep the yoga poses indoors, though, just to be safe.