You Can Now Get Carne Asada Steak At Chipotle For A Spicy Addition To Your Burrito

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Chipotle

Visiting Chipotle is seriously such a treat for any foodie. How could anyone not delight in the amazing amount of options available at the fast-casual restaurant? From insanely delicious guacamole to the fresh salsa, Chipotle takes customizing your menu to the next level. For the carnivores in the house, it's your lucky day. Chipotle is introducing the Carne Asada, a brand new steak option that will roll out nationally on Sept. 19. Spice up your next order with Chipotle's new Carne Asada protein option.

In a Sept. 17 press release, Chipotle announced its new Carne Asada steak, a premium protein cut into tender slices, seasoned with fresh squeed lime and topped off with hand-chopped cilantro and signature spices. Chipotle Rewards members were the first to hear about the new menu item, which BTW, has been approved for the Whole30 program and is paleo-friendly, if that matters to you. "Our Carne Asada steak is amazingly tender, hand cut, and grilled fresh every day. It performed incredibly well in the test markets and we're excited to be introducing this terrific, new steak nationwide for a limited time," said Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle, in the press release.

Chipotle is making sure customers get the chance to try out the new Carne Asada steak, with free delivery on Carne Asada every Sunday in September using the Chipotle app or the Chipotle website to order. You'll want to note that the minimum order $10 and the maximum order is $200, excluding tax. Act fast to get your hands on the meaty meal, since deliveries are all subject to availability.

Courtesy of Chipotle

The Carne Asada is totally worth the celebration, since it's the company's newest protein addition since the return of chorizo in Sept. 2018. Though Chipotle has largely stuck to the classic menu that fans know and love, the company has been keeping busy, sending plenty of new menu items to its New York City test kitchen, like quesadillas, nachos, chocolate milkshakes, avocado tostadas, and an updated salad. If you're surprised Chipotle hasn't rolled out a classic recipe like quesadillas yet, it's because they take two and a half minutes to cook. It doesn't seem like a long amount of time, but for a fast-casual restaurant like Chipotle, the customer experience of convenience and efficiency is paramount. "The worst-case scenario is the person in front of you orders a quesadilla," Brian Niccol, Chief Executive Officer of Chipotle, told The New York Times.

If you're a vegetarian or vegan that will take a pass on trying the Carne Asada steak, don't worry. Since the fast-casual chain rolled out its new diet-based bowls, called "Lifestyle Bowls," in January 2019, there are options for you like the Vegan Bowl and the Vegetarian Bowl. The Vegan Bowl comes with Sofritas, the highly popular vegan protein option that the company introduced in 2014. So, the next time you stop by your local Chipotle, remember that the world truly is at your fingertips. At this fast-casual restaurant, there's always something for everyone.