Chipotle's Merch For Pride 2019 Supports A Great Cause


Wearing your love for burritos and guac on your sleeve (literally) can now benefit the LGBTQ community, thanks to Chipotle. In honor of Pride Month, the fast food chain is launching its "Love What Makes You Real" campaign with a limited-edition clothing line, proceeds of which will be donated to The Trevor Project. Get ready to rep your 'Potle fan status and rock some rainbow-hued gear this month, because Chipotle’s 2019 Pride Merch line will make you happily hand over your latest paycheck for some colorful threads.

In a press release shared on June 6, the company first revealed that proceeds from its newest line of burrito-inspired garb would be benefiting The Trevor Project. In case you haven't heard of it, the nonprofit is the "world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning young people," which makes it a great cause to support for Pride Month.

"Our food is real and so are we," Marissa Andrada, Chief People Officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill, explained in the press release. "We are cultivating a better world by encouraging people to be their full selves and celebrating everyone – basic, extra and everything in between."

In addition to participating in parades across the country and hosting fundraisers supporting local LGBTQ+ nonprofits, Chipotle is encouraging customers to be their "full selves" with a line of limited-edition Pride gear that features rainbows and burritos (and the genius combination of the two).

The most eye-catching items from the collection have to be the Pride T-shirts and tank tops stamped with a rainbow burrito and the phrase, "¿Homo Estas?" While the wording has had its share of controversy over the years, Chipotle has been using the slogan (which is a play on "Como Estas?") for previous Pride celebrations — and it's latest update gives me a feeling that it's not going anywhere.


If you'd rather rep a different look, you also have the option of purchasing a T-shirt that reads "Love what makes you real" for $20. While the $17 rainbow Chipotle hat was sold out on website at the time of publication, I'd keep an eye out because a note reads that they will be restocking soon.

One of the best things about the collection is that Chipotle lets customers know exactly how much of their money will be going to the nonprofit when they click through the merch options. For example, the limited-edition T-shirts and the tank are all retailing for $20, and Chipotle specifies that $10.50 from the sale of all of these items will go to benefit the Trevor Foundation.


In addition to donating $10.50 from t-shirts and tanks and $7 from hats to The Trevor Project, Chipotle revealed that it will be choosing one YouTuber and LGBTQ+ activist to gift with a customized rainbow celebrity card. The company has yet to announce the lucky recipient, so I'd stay tuned this month to see who ends up getting the honor.

Items are already selling out just days after the collection's launch, so I'd set aside some time to peruse your options and grab some Pride merch sooner rather than later. Plus, shopping for a good cause while repping your love of burritos? It's a win-win.