Chili's Margarita Of The Month For July Is A Twist On An American Classic

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Courtesy Of Chili's

This might be a hot take, so brace yourselves. But IMO, July 4 is the greatest food holiday of the year. And even though BBQ staples such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and pasta salad usually tend to steal the show, none of them even come close to Chili's Margarita of the Month for July — it's a delicious twist on a classic American sip. You'll definitely want to stop by to try one before your neighbor's backyard BBQ.

Any Chili's regular out there is well-acquainted with the chain's Margarita of the Month. The festive flavor changes on a monthly basis, and they won't do too much damage on your wallet because they're only $5 all month long. And if you're planning on stopping by within the next few weeks, you'll be happy to know that Chili's Marg of the Month for July is called the Southern Back Porch 'Rita, according to a press release sent to Elite Daily. And let me tell you, it sounds delicious (and strong!) AF.

According to the brand, Chili's Southern Back Porch 'Rita blends Southern Comfort whiskey with Lunazul tequila (so be wary, because you only need one of these to get totally buzzed!) along with sweet mango puree, some fresh sour mix, and most importantly, refreshing unsweetened tea. It truly gives you a taste of Southern deliciousness for the patriotic holiday.

Courtesy Of Chili's

Dang, isn't she a beaut? Like I said, the chain's patriotic drink for July combines two different types of alcohol, so if you're traveling there by car, I strongly recommend having one of your pals DD. Also, keep in mind that customers must be 21 or older to try one of these. So, if you were born after July 1998, you're SOL. Maybe next year.

Now, I realize that not everyone out there loves tequila. And while that's practically unthinkable, I totally get it. Luckily, for those who are more beer-oriented, the chain is also offering a steep discount on large beers on July 4 and July 5. That's right — on either day, you can stop by your local Chili's restaurant for a $4 large domestic beer, according to the brand. The selection includes Coors Lite, Miller Light, and Bud Light. So if mixed drinks aren't quite your jam, you'll still be able to partake in discounted liquid festivities.

It turns out that Independence Day isn't the only holiday that takes place in July. Towards the end of the month on July 24 is National Tequila Day, and Chili's is celebrating with some really incredible discounts. According to the Tex-Mex chain, customers will be able to stop by their nearest Chili's location to order a Jackberry, Grand Coconut, or Presidente Margarita for only $5 each. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, my beverage-lovin' friends, and it's kind of glorious.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate the Fourth, keep Chili's in mind solely for that Marg of the Month. For only a fiver, it truly makes for a party in the U-S-A. TBH, I could really go for one right about now. Cheers!

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