You Can Get This $5 Margarita At Chili’s In August For A Peachy Summer Drink

When it comes to imbibing in an adult beverage in the summer, I tend to gravitate toward the fruitier flavors. Sometimes, though, those tasty concoctions can get pricey. Thankfully, Chili's has a fruit-flavored sip that will keep you refreshed without breaking your budget. Chili's' $5 margarita for August, The Grand Peach, is the perfect drink for the summer and your wallet (if you're 21 years or older).

If you're familiar with the restaurant chain, then you know that it's been offering a new $5 margarita each month in 2018. Chili's announced its newest sip for the month of August on Wednesday, Aug. 1, and it features one of the most quintessential summer fruits: the peach. The Grand Peach is available at participating Chili's locations for only five bucks all month long, and it will definitely pair well with your summer cravings.

According to a tweet with a picture of the sip from the official Chili's Twitter account on Wednesday, The Grand Peach features Grand Marnier liquer and Lunazul Blanco tequila. While the tweet doesn't specify where the peach flavor comes from, the fruit is prominently featured in the image of The Grand Peach, so I'm willing to bet that the sip packs the perfect peach punch as well.

You might be wondering what you need to do to take advantage of this tasty deal. Well, you're in luck, because all you need to do is head to your nearest Chili's location and order The Grand Peach. According to Eat Drink Deals, there is no coupon required to get the discount on the sip. The website does make a note that you can only get the offer while dining in (obviously) at either the bar or in the dining room of the restaurant.

If you want to take advantage of this delicious margarita deal — but you don't want to spend a ton of money on dinner to do so — then Chili's has your back. In addition to its money-saving margs, Chili's also recently brought back the 3-for-$10 deal. What's that, you ask? Well, it's the perfect complement to The Grand Peach during your next Chili's outing, because you can get a non-alcoholic beverage, an appetizer, and an entree for $10.

BTW, the options on the 3-for-$10 menu all sound delicious, per a description of the deal on the Chili's website. The starters in the deal include chips and salsa, selected soups, and salads from the Chili's menu. When it comes to the main course, you can fill up with options like the Classic Bacon Burger, Chicken Crispers, and the Cajun Chicken Pasta.

With plenty of choices (and a killer deal), you're sure to find something you crave on the 3-for-$10 menu.

I know that these deals might sound too good to be true, but Chili's is a pro at offering discounts on its customers' favorite items. In fact, the chain cut the price of its classic margarita even lower — all the way to down to $3.13 — back in March 2018 to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the company. Now that sounds like the perfect birthday celebration.

Now that you know Chili's has its eye on the discounted-margarita ball, you can head to your nearest location to enjoy The Grand Peach whenever that fruity summer craving hits in August. Cheers!