This Woman Just Won The 'My Oreo Creation' Contest With A Nostalgic Flavor

Oreo lovers rejoice, because the moment you've been waiting for is finally here. After narrowing down the finalists from their #MyOreoCreation contest to three fan favorites in April, America's Favorite Cookie has finally crowned a winner that's going to give you major nostalgia. That's right, Cherry Cola won the "My Oreo Creation" Contest, and the winner is getting $500,000 for her '80s-inspired flavor.

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, a spokewoman for Oreo confirmed to Elite Daily that Cherry Cola Oreos had emerged as the victor, and I'm shook. The Cherry Cola flavor was the only Oreo variety that kept the chocolate biscuit intact, and I have to admit that I was rooting for it the whole time. Also, as someone who's more a fan of the chocolate wafer than the creamy icing, I was excited to see that the Cherry Cola Oreos had a fun twist on the OG filling. I tend to be an Oreo purist at heart, and the Cherry Cola Oreos kept the nostalgia coming by filling the chocolate wafer with a mixture of Cherry Cola-infused frosting as well as pop rocks candy.

That, plus the fact that I think Piña Coladas — another flavor that was in the running — only belong in a frosted glass. Plus, kettle corn — the third contest flavor — is better off in a movie theater concession stand, in my opinion.


If anything, the Cherry Cola and Oreo combination sounds intriguing, and apparently, the majority of Oreo fans agree.

The cookies must have been pretty delicious too, because on Monday, April 30, Cherry Cola Oreos and the two runner-ups, Kettle Corn Oreos and Piña Colada Oreos, debuted in grocery stores so that customers could sample this year's wafer experiments IRL, and them make their picks. Fans had until June 30 to vote once a day online to choose the first place winner. Cherry Cola Oreo creator, aka Eden Folwell of California, ultimately took home the honor, as well as half of a million dollars.

"I started to think about sweet sodas and popsicles and fresh fruit. All of those sweet juicy flavors like orange, grape, lime, and cherry," Folwell told Delish in an exclusive interview. Revealing that she'd also submitted a few other soda-inspired variations such as orange soda, she continued, "I was trying to capture flavors that reminded me of happy summers when I was a kid in the late '70s and '80s." It looked like the nostalgia element ended up paying off, because Folwell is now $500,000 richer as a result.

If you've yet to try the Cherry Cola Oreos (or any of the other runner-ups, for that matter), you'd better act fast. Oreo told Elite Daily that the company is not planning to extend their sale of the winning wafers as of now, although they hint that "only time will tell" if these nostalgia-inducing treats make their way back to your grocery store at a later date. When deciding whether or not to re-release a new flavor permanently, Oreo told Elite Daily that they take into consideration "feedback from our fans, how it performed in market, and how it fits within our portfolio of everyday items," so obsessively tweeting about your Oreo of choice might actually help you out here.

In the meantime, Oreo is constantly churning out sleeves of delectable new flavors (The Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and the Pistacho Thins are personal favorites, and they're already part of Oreo's permanent line-up), so there's no shortage of dunkable new wafers to keep you snacking until then.