Chelsea Clinton Just Slammed Donald Trump Over Anti-Semitism, Because She Gets It

by Chelsea Stewart
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

More details surrounding President Donald Trump's response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting are emerging, and they're not looking so good. After the Oct. 27 mass shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 11 people and multiple injuries, Trump took to Twitter to condemn the attacks. But it apparently wasn't all on his own doing. An Oct. 28 report from The New York Times said that Trump had to be persuaded by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to explicitly condemn anti-Semitism (yes, really). Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment on the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication. Now, people are seriously calling him out — including former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. In fact, Chelsea Clinton downright slammed Donald Trump about anti-Semitism in the simplest, most perfect way.

On Sunday, the Times reported that "it took the importuning of his Jewish daughter and son-in-law to craft a powerful statement of outrage at anti-Semitism after Saturday’s slaughter at a Pittsburgh synagogue." (According to People, Ivanka converted to Judaism before she and Kushner got engaged in 2009, in case you're wondering.) Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment on the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication. Well, Clinton wasn't thrilled to hear that Trump reportedly dragged his feet on condemning such a serious issue and clapped back at him via Twitter on Monday, Oct. 29. Although it's just a 15-word tweet, the message is serious. "The President of the United States should not have to be persuaded to denounce anti-Semitism," she wrote. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment about Clinton's tweet, but did not immediately hear back.

The day before the report, Oct. 27, Trump was widely criticized for his initial response to the shooting. Speaking to reporters on Saturday afternoon, Trump suggested that an armed guard could have prevented the tragedy. "If there was an armed guard inside the temple, they would have been able to stop him," Trump said, per CNN. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for further comment on President Trump's remarks, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Many interpreted the remarks as him blaming the members of the synagogue and the victims for the shooting. And that's apparently when Ivanka and Kushner stepped in, if the report is to believed, because later that day, Trump vehemently condemned the attacks in a series of messages shared to his Twitter. He started off by extending prayers to the victims and their loved ones, and then continued:

This evil Anti-Semitic attack is an assault on humanity. It will take all of us working together to extract the poison of Anti-Semitism from our world. We must unite to conquer hate.

However, the sentiments were short-lived. By the end of the evening, he was back on Twitter celebrating the World Series game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox and raving about the "Fake News." He also held a campaign rally in Illinois, where he hurled insults at his opponents, some of whom had been targeted with suspicious packages containing "potentially explosive devices" earlier in the week, including Rep. Maxine Waters. So, yeah...

On the one hand, at least he said something in the first place. On the other, well, that's a pretty low bar.

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