Ugg Boots, But Cheaper—Because Everyone Deserves To Walk On Clouds


Clothes that feel like wearable hugs are the best. Thick fleece jackets, uber-soft leggings, faux fur teddybear coats, chunky knit hats — there's nothing better than swaddling yourself up in a combination of the above during winter and feeling impermeable to the harsh weather. To finish off the outfit, cheap Ugg boots (or at least affordable shearling boots) are a must, because wearing $200-plus iterations out into the elements just seems wrong, but a weekend winter look without a similar style just wouldn't be right. Hate 'em or love 'em, there's no denying that Ugg-style boots have become a staple within the wardrobes of pretty much every woman in America.

Ugg boots peaked when I was in high school. Wear them with a Juicy Couture tracksuit and Dooney & Bourke bag and you were untouchable. At the time, I thought they were heinous but wanting to be cool, I asked my mom to buy me a pair. She did, but from Costco, and while I felt she had robbed me at any chance of being cool I had at the time (when I thought coolness was contingent upon conformity), I can now say they were one of the best buys she ever made. Because I still have those $80 boots. They got me through many a hangover in college and to this day remain my favorite things to wear while grocery shopping. All this goes to say that while Uggs are cute and quality, cheap shearling boots are, too.

Below, the Uggs I wish my mom would buy if she was shopping for me today, along with six other options that would probably be equally as great.

Small But Mighty

To be honest, the whole reason I wrote this article is because of Kristie Dash, Eva Chen's former assistant and current overseer of beauty and lifestyle partnerships at Instagram. I follow her on Instagram religiously, and the other day she posted her weekend fall outfit: a tailored pea coat, leggings, baseball cap, and black short Uggs. It's only right I include the inspiration within this post. Thanks to their minimal design and size, these little guys read more like cool slippers than full-fledged Uggs. So, mom, about those boots you never bought me?

Good Angle

A mid-height boot but with a cool, angled design. I've never seen another shearling boot like this one so why not invest in something a bit more original? You can't go wrong with the classic color.

Toggle It

Thanks to their subtle toggle design, these make me feel like they should be worn with a flannel in the woods. Or maybe to pick apples in upstate New York, if you're not a lumberjack.

Shearling Genius

I like the smoky gray color of these classic boots — maybe they'd break up my all-black winter wardrobe in a way I could still stand.

Buckle Up!

Because it's all in the details, right?

Bargain Boot

Like the black Uggs, but about $100 cheaper. I see you, mom.

High School Sweetheart

This was the color and boot height that was cool in 2008. Considering the aughts are back, these are too.